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FDA authorizes booster shots of Moderna, Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines

2021-10-22 12:36:00

Many Americans who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 will soon be able to choose which vaccine they would like as a booster after the Food and Drug Administration issued emergency authorizations Wednesday that throw open the door to mixing and matching of vaccine brands...

Alec Baldwin fatally shoots woman with prop gun on movie set

2021-10-22 10:55:00

A woman has died and a man has been injured after actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a New Mexico film set...

Colin Powell: the man who might have been America’s first Black president

2021-10-20 10:16:00

Colin Powell wrote a speech in November 1995 announcing a run for US president. He wrote another speech announcing a decision not to run...

Joe Biden leads tributes to ‘dear friend’ and ‘patriot’ Colin Powell

2021-10-19 15:00:00

Tributes poured in for former Republican secretary of state Colin Powell after the announcement of his death on Monday morning at the age of 84...

Sir David Amess: Conservative MP stabbed to death

2021-10-16 12:45:00

Conservative MP Sir David Amess has died after being stabbed multiple times at his constituency surgery in Essex...

Coronavirus: India to allow foreign tourists after 19 months

2021-10-15 11:02:00

India is set to reopen its borders to overseas travellers as it relaxes Covid-related restrictions amid a drop in daily infections...

Lebanon plunged into darkness after country runs out of electricity

2021-10-10 15:48:00

Lebanon has been plunged into darkness after a power outage that is expected to last for ‘several days’...

UK approves visas for young female footballers from Afghanistan

2021-10-10 14:48:00

The girls had initially fled to Pakistan, fearing for their lives after their country fell to the Taliban in August...

Covid: The UK is Europe’s virus hotspot - does it matter?

2021-10-09 15:57:00

With the news dominated by other issues, it has gone almost unnoticed that the UK now has one of the highest rates of Covid infection in Europe. But, as winter fast approaches, how worried should we be?..

How we feel touch and temperature wins Nobel Prize

2021-10-04 15:38:00

Scientists who discovered how our bodies feel the warmth of the sun or the hug of a loved one have won the Nobel Prize...

Blast kills at least two civilians near Kabul mosque

2021-10-03 20:27:00

Blast kills at least two civilians near Kabul mosque..

New Zealand tightens travel rules as COVID spreads

2021-10-03 14:13:00

“We are introducing the requirement for air travellers aged 17 and over, who are not New Zealand citizens, to be fully vaccinated to enter New Zealand,” Christ Hipkins, the minister for COVID-19 response, said on Sunday...

’If you can accept us we would be really happy’: Young Afghan footballers plead to be accepted as refugees

2021-10-02 21:48:00

Girls in Afghanistan’s junior football team have called on the UK to give them urgent asylum after they fled to Pakistan last month to escape Taliban death threats...

UK government clears army to begin petrol deliveries from Monday

2021-10-02 09:15:00

The British Army will start delivering fuel to forecourts across the country starting Monday, as the government makes its most drastic intervention yet to try to resolve a crisis that has gripped the nation...

Ethiopia orders expulsion of top UN officials for ‘meddling’

2021-10-01 21:00:00

Ethiopia’s government has ordered the expulsion of seven senior United Nations officials from the country for “meddling” in its internal affairs...

End to freedom of movement behind UK fuel crisis, says Merkel’s likely successor

2021-09-27 23:58:00

The centre-left politician in pole position to replace Angela Merkel as German chancellor has pinpointed the decision to bring an end to freedom of movement with Europe after Brexit as the reason for the British petrol crisis...

Covid-19 has now killed as many Americans as the 1918-19 flu pandemic

2021-09-21 14:42:00

More than 1,900 people are dying in the US daily on average – the highest level since early March..

Australian Olympic gold medallist Madi Wilson admitted to hospital with Covid

2021-09-20 15:22:00

‘I’d be stupid not to say I wasn’t scared,’ 27-year-old swimmer says after testing positive in Italy..

‘I felt this huge relief’: how antibody injections free the immunosuppressed under Covid in America

2021-09-19 16:07:00

FDA emergency authorizations boost use of periodic antibody injections, or PrEP, to complement vaccinations..

People with chronic conditions among most at risk from Covid even after jabs, study finds

2021-09-18 18:16:00

People living with chronic conditions such as Down’s syndrome and dementia remain among the most vulnerable to Covid-19 even after vaccination, research has found...

Taliban ban girls from secondary education in Afghanistan

2021-09-18 11:24:00

The Taliban have effectively banned girls from secondary education in Afghanistan, by ordering high schools to re-open only for boys...

One month after fall of Kabul, economic crisis stalks Taliban

2021-09-16 14:44:00

One month after fall of Kabul, economic crisis stalks Taliban..

#DoNotTouchMyClothes: Afghan women’s social media protest against Taliban

2021-09-15 16:05:00

Women around the world are sharing pictures of themselves in traditional colourful clothes in a campaign against the new strict dress code for female students..

Afghanistan’s shrinking horizons: ‘Women feel everything is finished’

2021-09-12 13:07:00

The Taliban claim to have changed, but the crackdown has begun for women across the country..

Armed police arrest Afghan special forces commando at Manchester hotel

2021-09-11 20:02:00

Police can hold a suspect for up to 96 hours without charge if suspected of a serious crime. They can hold a suspect for or up to 14 days without charge if arrested under terrorism legislation...

At least 41 dead as blaze breaks out in Indonesian prison

2021-09-08 12:12:00

At least 41 people have died in Indonesia after a fire broke out at an overcrowded prison on the outskirts of the capital Jakarta...

KPMG accused of giving ’false and misleading’ information to regulator

2021-09-07 15:32:00

Carillion was one of the UK’s biggest construction companies...

Vaccination coverage crosses 680 million in India

2021-09-07 10:46:00

With the administration of 25,23,089 vaccine doses in the last 24 hours, India’s COVID-19 vaccination coverage has surpassed the cumulative figure of 680.75 million...

Capitol riot: ’QAnon Shaman’ pleads guilty in federal court

2021-09-04 21:17:00

A prominent supporter of the baseless conspiracy theory QAnon has accepted a plea deal in federal court for his involvement in the US Capitol riots...

New Zealand reports first Covid death following a year’s silence

2021-09-04 18:27:00

New Zealand reported on Saturday (Sep 4) the first death from the Delta variant of the new coronavirus and 20 further daily infections, all in Auckland, the epicentre of the outbreak...