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Cannabis part of the future says tobacco giant

2021-07-28 18:29:00

The UK’s largest tobacco firm says it sees cannabis as part of its future as it tries to move away from selling traditional cigarettes...

COVID: Sydney lockdown could last months as daily cases reach record high

2021-07-28 12:29:00

New South Wales reported a record high number of covid cases on Tuesday despite more than four weeks of lockdown for the Sydney region, with signs tough measures could extend until September...

COP26 climate summit president says progress made, but not enough

2021-07-27 08:39:00

The first in-person meeting of climate ministers in 18 months has seen some tentative progress, says the UK minister who will lead the Glasgow COP26 meeting...

UK: Flash floods will be more common as climate crisis worsens, say scientists

2021-07-26 23:35:00

Overhaul of UK infrastructure needed to ensure it is not overwhelmed by impact of extreme weather..

UK: Covid case figures fall five days in row for first time since February

2021-07-26 10:37:00

Decrease first without national lockdown but numbers do not include impact of lockdown easing on 19 July..

Climate change: The Arctic reindeer herder whose livelihood is threatened by warmer winters

2021-07-26 07:32:00

Slava Kemlil, a member of the Chukchi indigenous people in Russia’s Far East, has lived a life bound to nature’s pulse - but the changing landscape of his tundra environment is posing fresh challenges...

Maharashtra Rain Fury kills 138, 90,000 Moved To Safety

2021-07-24 15:13:00

Maharashtra rain: At least 84,452 people, including over 40,000 in Kolhapur district, were shifted to safer places in Western Maharashtra’s Pune division, officials said...

China Yang Qian win di first Gold Medal of 2020 Olympics

2021-07-24 15:06:00

Qian of China take di gold for di women 10m air rifle final to collect di first gold medal of di 2020 Summer Games for di Asaka Shooting Range on Saturday...

Is the honeymoon over for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

2021-07-23 10:41:00

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have come a long way in the past two years. As rivals for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, they traded vicious blows in some of the most heated moments of that contest. She questioned his record on race relations, and he defended himself. But ever since they became running mates the two have worked in lock step, as you would expect from a President and his deputy...

John Kerry: world leaders must step up to avoid worst impacts of climate crisis

2021-07-22 00:29:00

The world still has a chance of staving off the worst impacts of climate breakdown but only if governments step up in the next few months with stronger commitments on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the US envoy for climate change has said...

How nationalism is making life harder for gay people in China

2021-07-21 23:22:00

They are increasingly viewed as agents of foreign influence..

UK Covid cases could hit 200,000 a day, says scientist behind lockdown strategy

2021-07-19 16:15:00

Covid cases could hit 200,000 a day in the UK this year and cause “major disruption” to the NHS, according to the scientist whose initial modelling helped shape Britain’s coronavirus lockdown strategy...

Covid: UK daily cases pass 50,000 for first time since January

2021-07-16 20:46:00

More than 50,000 daily coronavirus cases have been reported in the UK for the first time since mid-January...

1,300 people assumed missing in one German district after deadly floods hit Western Europe

2021-07-16 09:17:00

About 1,300 people remain unaccounted for in Germany after the heaviest rainfall in a century caused deadly flash floods to devastate parts of Western Europe, prompting a large-scale rescue effort...

Virgin Galactic: Sir Richard Branson rockets to the edge of space

2021-07-12 22:24:00

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson has successfully reached the edge of space on board his Virgin Galactic rocket plane...

Euro 2020: ’They should be ashamed of themselves’ - PM condemns racist abuse of England players

2021-07-12 13:38:00

While most fans had a good time and cheered the team on, others wanted to cause damage and abuse players they blamed for the loss...

Lessons about the legacy of Indian partition need to be taught

2021-07-11 17:38:00

In view of the forthcoming 74th anniversary of the partition that accompanied independence in British-controlled South Asia, the call for a better understanding of what the end of empire there entailed is very timely and welcome (Letters, 1 July)...

Joe Biden says US to pull its forces out of Afghanistan by 31 August

2021-07-09 17:53:00

Joe Biden pledged on Thursday that he would not send “another generation of Americans” to war in Afghanistan and said the US would withdraw its forces from the nation by 31 August...

Trump sues Twitter, Google and Facebook alleging ’censorship’

2021-07-08 11:08:00

Former US president Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against tech giants Google, Twitter and Facebook, claiming that he is the victim of censorship...

England match could spark Covid outbreak, minister admits

2021-07-07 14:48:00

The decision to allow thousands of football fans to watch England’s Euro 2020 semi-final against Denmark at Wembley could result in an outbreak of coronavirus cases, the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, has conceded...

Indian Students Create Soil-Less Farming Technique That Uses 95% Less Water

2021-07-06 16:56:00

India is a nation of farmers, where nearly 60 percent of people in India earn their living through farming. However, what many miss out on is also how India has the world’s largest livestock population...

The Guardian view on Afghanistan withdrawal: a retreat into uncertainty

2021-07-06 12:51:00

Joe Biden’s actions will be felt most keenly in Kabul, but they pose a broader question for an army-dominated Pakistan..

RSF’s 2021 “Press freedom predators” gallery: Old tyrants, two women and a European

2021-07-06 03:59:00

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is publishing a gallery of grim portraits, those of 37 heads of state or government who crack down massively on press freedom. Some of these “predators of press freedom” have been operating for more than two decades while others have just joined the blacklist, which for the first time includes two women and a European predator...

Israel launches another air raid on Hamas positions at Gaza Strip

2021-07-04 17:15:00

Israeli military has carried out another overnight raid on Hamas positions in the besieged Gaza Strip after saying incendiary balloons were launched from the Palestinian enclave...

‘I love you!’: Australian epidemiologists grapple with newfound Covid fame

2021-07-04 14:37:00

Scientists reflect on the ‘very strange thing’ of becoming a household name during a pandemic..

Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction overturned

2021-07-01 00:28:00

US comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction has been overturned by Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court, paving the way for his release...

Happy 100th birthday, CCP. But tomorrow?

2021-06-29 09:52:00

China might prevail in its epic battle with the United States but if so would struggle to build its own world order..

Yanis Varoufakis Trashes Bitcoin But Lauds Blockchain in Exclusive Interview

2021-06-28 14:48:00

Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance minister of Greece, lauded the idea and philosophy behind blockchain, but said Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot and should not replace currencies in a modern economy...

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years in death of George Floyd

2021-06-26 14:30:00

(CNN) Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who killed George Floyd on a Minneapolis street last year, was sentenced Friday to 22 and half years in prison...

China fumes after Nepal’s media exposes Sinopharm vaccine procurement price

2021-06-22 21:48:00

Nepal had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with China over the procurement of Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines. However, a report by a regional publication revealed the price of procurement, citing confirmation from two ministers and two government secretaries, much to Beijing’s displeasure..