Measles outbreak on Samoa, death toll rises!

Measles outbreak on Samoa, death toll rises!

2 December 2019 01:58 pm

The death toll from a measles epidemic in Samoa has risen to 53.

The measles outbreak has risen to more than 100 people a day, according to a statement issued by the government today (02).

Among the reported deaths, the vast majority (48) are reported to be children under the age of four.

More than 3,700 measles cases have been reported in Samoa, out of a population of about 200,000, with 198 new infections reported yesterday and today alone.

Earlier in October, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the measles epidemic was at risk of relapse. The number of measles cases reported in the first three months of this year has increased by 300 percent.

Chavini Abhayasinghe