London’s climate change activists block financial district

London’s climate change activists block financial district

14 October 2019 04:43 pm

A group of climate change activists in London are reportedly protesting in streets blocking the Bank junction targeting the city's financial district against institutions which they said were financing environmental catastrophe. 

The protesters carried the banner with the slogan “CLIMATE STRUGGLE = CLASS STRUGGLE”.

These Extinction Rebellion protesters say that London is preeminent nexus of power in the global system that is destroying the world. 

They allege that some institutions in the financial district of London are investing in acts that contribute to various forms of pollution.

The protesters are lining up to challenge the political, economic and social structure of the modern world against global warming on climate change, one of the worst disasters in the world in the near future, as scientists in climate studies warned. 

Nonetheless, the Police said that these groups are marching forward in two weeks of civil disobedience in London.