Iran ready to negotiate if Saudi Arabia stops ’’killing people’’

Iran ready to negotiate if Saudi Arabia stops ’’killing people’’

9 October 2019 02:03 pm

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif issued a statement to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday (08), saying that his country is ready to discuss regional issues if Riyadh stops "killing people." 

In an situation where the Saudis have expressed willingness to negotiate with Iran, the regional issues between the two countries can be tabled instead of killing people, and if so, the support of the Islamic Republic will certainly be given, he said in his statement. 

From time immemorial, clashes in the Gulf between Shi'ite Muslim Iran and Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia erupted, with various groups being backed in the armed conflict between Syria and Yemen.

Iran has also been blamed for the drone attack on Saudi Aramco oil plants in Saudi Arabia, for which the responsibility has been claimed by the Irani-backed Houthis in Yemen. 

Nearly a month ago, the Yemen's Houthi political movement, which claimed responsibility for the Saudi oil facility attack, announced that it would stop the attacks if Saudi Arabia would stop assaulting them first. A spokesman for the Houthi movement also said it is not their intention to promote armed struggle. 

The drone attack on Saudi oil plants has had a major impact on global oil price.