Statement from Britain over drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities

Statement from Britain over drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities

16 September 2019 04:14 pm

Britain has issued a statement condemning drone strikes on Saudi oil facilities recently. However, the state states that it is not appropriate to draw conclusions without clear information about the party responsible for the attack.

Commenting on a worldwide news report that the drone strike was carried out by pro-Iranian Houthi operatives at the Saudi Aramco oil facilities, the UK said that this unfortunate incident was clearly a violation of international law, nonetheless, it is inappropriate to accuse anyone without being 100% certain of the parties responsible for the attacks.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rabb said his country clearly stands with Saudi Arabia at this point.

Investigations into the incident will give a clear idea of the parties responsible, he said. 

However, US Secretary of State Pompeo recently blamed Iran for being directly responsible for the incident.

"This was a very serious attack on Saudi Arabia and the oil installations and it has implications for global oil markets and supply," Raab said. "It's a very serious, an outrageous act, and we need to have a clear and as united as possible international response to it."  

Iran has denied any involvement to the attack.  


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