EXCLUSIVE: Justice served as SLTDA designated for Interim Injunction!

EXCLUSIVE: Justice served as SLTDA designated for Interim Injunction!

4 August 2020 03:02 pm

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) has been designated for an interim stay order by the Colombo District Court Jusitce, Amali Ranaweera, on Tuesday (04), in connection to its irregularities against Ascot Leisure Pvt Ltd (now Lanka Realty Leisure Pvt Ltd).

The interim injunction was declared based on an appeal made by the relevant company. 

The brand new Chairwoman of SLTDA, Mrs. Kimali Fernando, had acted illegally on reclaiming a land lawfully handed over to Ascot Leisures on a 99-year lease, with an initial payment of Rs. 30 million with taxes up to December, 2020, to be handed over to Dilmah / MJF Group, based on personal interests, LNW previously disclosed.

It was also noteworthy that Mrs. Kimali Fernando is a daughter-in-law to the Merrill J. Fernando family. 

Earlier, the trial had revealed that a 'Deed of Declaration' was drafted by SLTDA on her influence and referred it for registration without meeting a lawful closure on the lease agreement. On the account, Kimali Fernando was in preparation to hand the questionable land over to Dilmah Group, the evidence disclosed.

On June 16, 2020, Ascot Leisures, now Realty Leisures, lodged a case before the District Court challenging the illegal acquisition of the questionable land, thereby requesting an injunction. 

The case was tried against Kimali Fernando, SLTDA Chairwoman, Dhammika Wijesinghe, Director General, Anoma Nandani, Director of Treasury and a number of senior officials in the Authority. 

Attorney-at-Law Ruwantha Cooray, Attorney-at-Law Namith Nafad and Attorney-at-Law Nalinda Alwis together with Ali Sabry PC appeared on behalf of plaintiff Lanka Realty Leisure (Private) Limited, based on Attorney-at-Law Francis Julianpathi's instructions. 

An enjoining order was issued on the aforesaid date and a written hearing was held on June 30, 2020, thereby extending the order till July 13, 2020.

To everyone's astonishment, Kimali Fernando the culprit had tossed her cards by hopping over the fences of law avoiding due process, thereby avoiding the Attorney General's instructions and appearing before Court with a  lawyer from the private bar. We, LNW, earlier pointed this out as a direct act of misuse of public funds. 

LNW, which had exclusively shed light on to this lawlessness, further disclosed that the SLTDA chairwoman had also taken steps to hand over the land adjacent to the aforesaid company to Dilmah Group for free of charge, thereby blatantly violating the AG's instructions in a repetitive manner.  

Accordingly, the interim injunction issued by the District Court against SLTDA on Tuesday is a response to the arbitrary actions of Dilmah Group's daughter-in-law as well as a blow in the head over her nepotism.

Thus, the injunction also invalidates SLTDA's forcible acquisition of the land lawfully owned by Ascot Leisures now Lanka Realty Leisures.

SLTDA had also conspired to illegally reclaim the land and hand it over to a Dubai buyer, namely 'One Nature', we revealed earlier.

However, the SLTDA Chairwoman's celestial act will meet an end as this interim injunction is set to become a permanent injunction in the future.

Stay tuned for more information.. 

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