Thabla Play And Player Which And Who Creates Rythms In Sri Lankan Applied Music

Thabla Play And Player Which And Who Creates Rythms In Sri Lankan Applied Music

8 March 2021 07:45 pm

Veteran Percussionist,
K. A. Nihal Kalubowila (M.A)

The Rhythm and time are two separate things which have connections between each other. In that sense, Rhythm could be introduced as one aspect of Time. The concept of Rhythm is identified in different names. Evidencing through the various factors, it could be stated that the setting of Rhythm were existed and came in to being together with the origin of the mankind. Time is a frequency between certain two occurrences. Time is running lineally but the nature of the time is such that time passed is never met again. However, although the time is linear according to the needs of the mankind, it is used as a hypothetical cycle. The mankind, who made the time circularized as days, weeks, months and years , attending to all their work in that accordance. Therefore, mankind does their work using the linear time as hypothesized circular manner.

The Rhythm Player able to illuminate the meaningful taste of the musical products by creating various rhythmic patterns in the music subject in association with usage of rhythm. When in mentioning the rhythms, it is very important in introducing the rhythms too.

Rhythm is a common concept in all the incident happenings in the world. Whatever, incident happened; there is a rhythm in it. All the occurrences of the Mother Nature are happening to a certain rhythm. All the occurrences of the mankind too happening in accidence to rhythms. All the activities inside of human body too happening in accordance to a rhythm. Sun and Moon, trees and plants all existing in accordance to rhythms they inherit. All the arts in the world too are the same. Therefor the rhythm could be introduced as the main medium of the world. All the arts, inclusive of the Painting, Sculpture, Drama, and Novel are being embedded with the rhythm. Various rhythms are used in variety of songs. Each and every are different from each other. It is the duty of the creator to match them properly. When it is used in an un-matching way, rhythm to the tune and tune to the rhythm are incompatible or mismatched. There are rhythms demanded by any song or any instrument-play. It is the duty of the musicians to systematically getting it created. If it is a song, making a tune in accordance with the meaning of it and creating a pattern of rhythm to match is the ability of the creator.

Thabla could be introduced as a special rhythm play instrument involved in creation of variety of rhythm graphics in the applied music field in Sri Lanka. Also when taken in to account the musical instruments that are being created in Sri Lanka they have been created in variety of ways and in playing such instruments too playing with different identities and varieties. However, playing any music instrument in any country, it is vital to have adopted correct playing technics and correct study on such technics. An important factor that will contribute to the success of the player will be the correct study on the correct technics relevant to the musical instrument he is supposed to play. The usage of the correct technique will highlight the competency of the Instrument Player. The musical playing instrument Thabla, which is taking significant place among the music playing instruments that were created in the world, too is one of the instruments that has to be played by using the correct letter notes. The productions of sound in variety of ways are being occurred in different to each other in various music playing instruments. There are music playing instruments showing where the correct sound notes are located and also there are music playing instruments that are not showing where the sound notes are located. But in the case of music playing instrument ,Thabla ,although the sound playing place in got to know by the player, it is a complex music playing instrument that the sound notes has to be produced by playing the instruments by hands. When selecting to engaging in playing Thabla, the ability of playing the correct note has to be developed from the very beginning .It is very essential to have a suitable teacher’s association.

Mastering correct letter note playing ability is a function that has to be done patiently and mindfully. Until getting the sound under the particular note, practicing has to be continued patiently and it is very important to have teaching instruction in this aspect. Until getting the taste under the note and also until the sound of the note is embedded in the own mind, that practice has to be continued throughout. Identification of sounds that are different to each other and positions where those have to be played has to be properly comprehended. To feel the taste embedded in the rhythm play we performed at any of the occasion the playing instruments has to be conducted properly. The basic requirement in it is usage of correct letter notes. The correct letter notes have to be played to the entire listener to listen to a tasty instrument play.

Hindustani Music Convention is a music convention that fostered in association with the techniques that are there in the various Gharanas. As the usage of letter notes different from each other within the various Gharanas are being used in Thabla play, it is very important in studying the variety, studying the Thabla playing and comprehending it will be a great support in the journey towards the success of the rhythm player. When an individual instrument playing is presented, it is very important to use the correct letter notes for the listener to comprehend the differentiation of the letter notes without any attempt. Also in the assistance playing, the correct letter note playing is directly impacted upon the success of the instrument playing. In The correct usage in letter notes in Thabla assistance playing, when the other playing instruments are presenting classical playing, it is directly impacted on the success of that instrument playing. The main instrument player, who identifies the clear letter notes that are played through the Thabla, understands the position where he is on the rhythm. Then, he presents the various techniques adopted in the instrument playing with confidence. But, when the instrument player is playing unclear letter notes, the main rhythm player is put into an embarrassing situation. Then the unsuccessfulness of both is clear to the audience.

Thabla could be mentioned as a rhythm playing instrument mostly used in the field of simple music. The graphical rhythms give a great support in generating the meaning taste and illuminating abstracted feelings in a song.

By studying the Thabla subject which is played under variety of music styles using practical rhythms playing systems relevant to that with a correct comprehension, the Thabla player could achieve success in his instrument playing. When the attention is focused to the various Thabla playing systems embedded in playing styles such as Gazel the sweetness of the usage of letters notes could be understood. Also when the attention is focused on the Thabla playing systems embedded in music styles such as Bajan, it is clear when hearing the creation of rhythms graphics illuminating the bakthi taste and usage of letter notes. When referring to the various classical features in the Thabla subject, in identifying the difference this letter note usage is very important. The Thabla playing instrument which is useful in classical instrument play and applied music field as well could be introduced as an instrument that is mostly compulsory rhythm playing instrument in recordings in the applied music field and also in the live performances in Sri Lanka. As the Thabla is the powerful rhythm playing instrument in fair -mannered song field, it has won a main place. In Sri Lankan individual entertainment art the Thabla Instrument player takes a main place in second to the singer. Therefore, it is very necessary that he should be a very competent instrument player. This Thabla instrument player who functioned throughout the performance event towards the success of the event, should be a person with well conversed with his subject field. The most important thing there is that correct and clear rhythm graphic playing and correct usage of letter notes. In recordings and Live Performances, understanding separately the letter notes that are used for respective function is very important. Especially, in recordings, the microphone technology that is being used is manufactured with very high standards. Due to the unnecessary sounds released on the reason of not being able to operate the hands correctly on the Thabla, the failures are displayed in the recorded rhythm graphics. Therefore, the ability of operating the hands correctly on the letter notes confirms the success of the Thabla player. The rhythm player has to pay special attention on his playing instrument which all these factors will have an impact. That is because the main factor that will have an effect on the successful rhythm play is the usage of correctly made rhythm playing instrument which has finished getting the letter notes correctly generated. It is the responsibility of the instrument player to get the playing instruments made as required by him in coordination with the instrument manufacture.

The creation of rhythm graphics in a song or an instrument play takes different shapes. Those chains of activities are happening in accordance with the cultures and music styles used in each country. In rhythm creation, the Rhythm player should have a special ability that suits it. Creative rhythm literature could not be expected from a person only just due to him mastering the rhythm subject. He should have the un-attempted creative ability. He should have the knowledge accumulated in association of book and the social and cultural knowledge accumulated through various means. Applied Rhythm player should have the ability in applying a meaning to a song through rhythm graphics. In creating the rhythm graphic meaningfully, he will be supported by his experiences he accumulated through his life and also the feelings generated in his mind. Therefore, the rhythm player being an intelligent person, and being a person who has the strength in understanding something as well and also being a well-versed person would render great support in his creativity. This rhythm player will generate successful rhythm styles by concentrating all his experiences accumulated in his creativity.

The rhythm styles that are created for a Sri Lankan simple song or for a rhythm play are being created in accordance to the rhythm and in order to illuminate the sense. Mostly, in Sri Lankan music, the Thabla takes a special place in this function the singer or an instrument player, presents his creation using the rhythm graphic as his route. The rhythm graphics are created that suits to the rhythm and meaning. This factor could be considered as an attribute of an intelligent rhythm player. We mention here of the special rhythm style creations of the Thabla rhythm players who are contributing towards the creations in applied music in Sri Lankan music. When inquiring in to their creative playing systems, it is important that we get ourselves enlighten on the creative Sri Lankan rhythm players.

In almost every country in the world, there are players engaged in rhythm playing instrument inherited by them. The play the music rhythms relevant to the music inherited by their countries. When considered all these factors, Sri Lankan rhythm player could be classified as a rhythm player completely in different form. In Sri Lankan music, there are various musical creations that are being done by using various musical styles in the world. In association with the classical singing systems in the Bharathiyan music and also in accordance with the sub classical singing systems such as Gazel and Bajan styles and also in association with the Batyali like singing systems in the Bharathiyan Folk Music , in association with the Bharathiyan Film Songs, in accordance with the Arabic music styles, in accordance with the Sri Lankan Folk music system, in association with the Gramophone Songs and in accordance with the Western Music systems etc. these creations are coming in to being. The rhythm player should know all the rhythmic patterns that are being used in these styles and the techniques inherited by those rhythms. Then the rhythm player is able to do justice to those creations. The responsibility of Sri Lankan rhythm player is to engage in musical field with the knowledge on the Thabla technique and these styles as well. Then only he is felt as a successful rhythm player. Also it is important for us to know that the way how the Thabla player has understood and identified the specialty of Thabla. One of the main reason that could be seen as a specialty of the Thabla is the sound that could be generated near to the sounds of the other rhythm playing instruments. Mostly, in preserving the mild nature embedded in a song is greatly supported by the sounds created by the Thabla.

The Thabla has the ability of getting the sound created with mild nature which is required for a song or rhythm play almost as the sounds of the instruments such as Ball, Udekki, Thammattam, Devol Drum, Rabana, Thawil, Mrudagam, Maddalaya. In the past, there were players with that understanding who contributed on to the creative activities within the applied music and today too we could see such players in the applied music field. Through their creations we could inquire in to the special rhythm styles that gave birth in the applied music in this country. There will be no inquiries made on the songs sung adopting Sinhala words on the Barathiyan tunes. In the songs that were sung adopting the Sinhala words almost as same as played in the Bharathiyan Song the rhythms were played almost as same. Then, there is no way of seeing the creative playing systems of the rhythm player but we could see that they have been duplicated or re-created skillfully.