Dominic Jeeva passes away

Dominic Jeeva passes away

29 January 2021 04:18 pm

Veteran writer Dominic Jeeva, who played a pioneering role in enriching Sri Lankan Tamil literature as well as introducing Sinhala literature to Tamil readers, has passed away yesterday (28). Born in 1927, he was 94 years old at the time of his death. 

His short story book 'Tannirum Kannirum' (වතුරයි-කඳුළුයි) won the State Award for Tamil Short Story in 1961.

The special feature of this book is that the Ministry of Culture, which was established after the social upheaval of 1956, started giving awards to Tamil works in 1961, this short story book won the State Award for Tamil Short Stories at the first awards ceremony.

Also, Dominic Jeeva should have the honor of introducing Sinhala writers to the Tamil community first. He started Mallikai (Pichchamala) magazine in 1964 and for over 50 years translated short stories, poems, articles etc. of Sinhala writers into Tamil and brought them closer to the Tamil reader.

He has published 4 anthologies of short stories and 14 literary works in Tamil. His works have also been translated into foreign languages.