Cast of the new Disney live-action Lady And The Tramp announced

Cast of the new Disney live-action Lady And The Tramp announced

21 August 2019 05:00 pm

As you may have heard, the cutest canines are coming to Disney+ on November 12! Disney’s Lady and the Tramp promises to be one of the most charming live-action films we’ve ever seen. I mean, a classic story we already know we love, but with real-life pups? Yes, bring on all the feels. And now, we’re giving you a look at the delightful voices behind the dogs:

We’re so happy to share that known dog lover Justin Theroux will voice Tramp, who is played by a real rescue dog named Monte making his streaming debut.

Tessa Thompson will voice the lovely Lady, played by a cocker spaniel named Rose.

Oscar nominee Sam Elliott will bring to life Trusty. Can we take a second to say that this casting couldn’t be more perfect?

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The Scottish terrier Jock will be voiced by Ashley Jensen, who has the perfect Scottish brogue accent.

English actor Benedict Wong will portray Tramp’s bulldog buddy Bull.

Singer Janelle Monáe will play Peg, who sang “He’s a Tramp” in the original film. We can’t wait to see what her incredible vocals will bring to the role!

So grab your partner and make a plate of spaghetti, because Lady and the Tramp comes to Disney+ at its launch on November 12!

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