A state minister receives a 1 million USD worth commission for importing Meropenem?

A state minister receives a 1 million USD worth commission for importing Meropenem?

11 June 2021 04:21 pm

A People's Representative who was elected to Parliament for the first time in the last election and is also a Minister of State has recently bought a giant house in Ethul Kotte. Its value has not been revealed yet, but the Minister of State has spent over Rs. 205 lakhs to repair the house and buy the necessary items.

But this Minister has not brought up a huge amount of assets and wealth from his family background. So how come he comes to Parliament and gets appointed to a state ministry and at the end of one year, has afforded to buy such a house?

We are told that the Minister of State had received a large commission from a pharmaceutical company.

The tender to import the drug Meropenem to Sri Lanka has been awarded to a Pakistani company with the intervention of this Minister. So that company put a small amount of USD 1 million in the Minister's pocket.

It is also rumored that another drug under a different name has been imported for a lower price as an alternative for Meropenem. He has stopped this deal and has intervened to import the drug Meropenem manufactured in Russia. 

The Minister says these things are done for the people. He should be quite wealthy to associate with and party with the other political families of his party in his district. That quite true. It is not easy for the Minister of State to associate with some of the political families in his district.

From that point of view, the Minister is doing a very clean public service and this money is taken out of compassion for the people of his district. Maybe he bought the house in Ethul Kotte to provide shelter to his people when they come to Colombo.

This news has caught the attention of many and they are asking us if it is acceptable to pay a $ 1 million commission for the import of $ 1.77 million worth of drugs. This 1.77 million is for the first purchase only and the commission is charged for the entire tender.

A former Minister of Health is preparing to make a full disclosure in this regard at a future date and we are ready to publish that revelation as well.