A Bank Romance That Went Sour

A Bank Romance That Went Sour

5 January 2021 09:14 pm

The CEO of a listed Bank was on a wave that would take him to the next level.

He had performed exceptionally well as the CEO. The Bank was on a roll despite The pandemic. He was of the view that nothing could go wrong for him. All his vitals were at his peak. Unfortunately for him he had weakness for good looking skirts. 

In a previous place of work, he had faced sexual harassment allegations. But had got away because of his commitment to achieve results. The lady on the other hand was head of marketing of the bank. She was very charming and knew the art of getting round her male bosses, in the previous instances she had got round her previous male boss who is now bank director in a state bank. 

She had a reputation of ruining many a Man’s family. In this instance the CEO has been having a good time with his subordinate for some time. The senior management knew of the affair, but they decided to keep it low key for their promotions and perks. On the fateful day the CEO had taken his marketing manager to a house just out of Colombo. 

Unfortunately for him the Husband of the subordinate and his friend had followed the CEO to the house and watched them for nearly 3 hours. The CEO after having a good time had subsequently been hunted down through a high speed car chase. Now the Unions have got know of this sorry saga and want action against both the top executives. They don’t want it pushed under the carpet.