Shani’s arrest: Defence Secretary visits AG in a hurry?

Shani’s arrest: Defence Secretary visits AG in a hurry?

6 August 2020 08:52 am

Mr. Dilith Jayaweera, owner of Derana Media Network, paid a visit to see ex CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekara, who is currently in remand custody, at Mahara Prison on Wednesday (05).

Jayaweera and Abeysekara, who lived adjacent to Galle area, are reportedly sharing a kinship. Upon the Media Giant's visit to the ex CID Director at Mahara Prison Hospiral, it was reported that there was not discussion between the two regarding the hearing, except a chat as old friends. 

What is more interesting than Jayaweera's visit with Abeysekara is that Defence Secretary Kamal Gunaratne has paid an immediate visit with Attorney General Dappula de Livera soon after the vice Police Inspector, who was arrested in connection to the ex CID Director's case, was produced before Court on Tuesday (04).

The vice Police Inspector, namely Mendis, was arrested and produced before Court two days ago for allegedly assisting Shani Abeysekara in forging evidence against former DIG Vass Gunawardena, who is on death row, involving a firearms case. In trial, Mendis testified before the Magistrate that the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) pressured him to testify against the ex CID Director for making an arrest.  

Panicked, the Defence Secretary has paid an immediate visit to see the Attorney General with additional SP of CCD Nevil Silva and the OIC of the division, sources disclosed. 

However, we are yet to know whether they discussed the case involving ex CID Director Shani Abeysekera or the hawk and the cat captured in connection with the drug trafficking.