Ajith Prasanna condemned by Wimal, Gammanpila!

Ajith Prasanna condemned by Wimal, Gammanpila!

3 December 2019 06:54 am

The fast launched by retired Major Ajith Prasanna, a key figure in Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), demanding statement before the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) from the abducted Swiss Embassy staff member, from morning till night yesterday (02), was severely condemned by the nationalist group of the SLPP comprising Minister Wimal Weerawansa and MP Udaya Gammanpila.  

Ajith Prasanna launched a fast only to call it off in a couple of hours just to gain attention and personal benefit out of the incident instead of raising the international community over the matter by launching a mass campaign against the Swiss Embassy throughout the island highlighting the disgrace it brought to Sri Lanka, they alleged, pointing out that the possibility to launch such massive protest was sabotaged, sources disclosed. 

A mass protest in particular gathered in large numbers organized by the clergy and nationalist politicians with a death fast to teach a lesson to other malignant foreign embassies of Sri Lanka could have been possible, if it was not for the joke show Ajith Prasanna posed just for 12 hours, they further viewed. 

On the other hand, the actual opposition to the Swiss embassy in the country, backed by 69 lakhs of citizens, has been downgraded by Ajith Prasanna's failed attempt, they alleged.

Major Ajith Prasanna has engaged in activities just to gain personal glory which in the past have caused problems to the party, therefore, they have asked the party leadership to take action regarding the matter, sources further disclosed.

Prasanna, who launched his fast last night in protest of the Swiss ambassador, had called if off last night and a photo of him eating kottu with coca cola at a Battaramulla local shop was circulated on social media.