Rupavahini Chairperson threatened only in Sunset!

Rupavahini Chairperson threatened only in Sunset!

26 October 2019 05:05 pm

A serious issue has arisen regarding the safety of the Chairperson of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Inoka Sathyangani Keerthinanda. Therefore, the security division of the Rupavahini Corporation has launched a special program to protect her.

There are allegations that Rupavahini is biased amidst the presidential election. Perhaps this was why she was threatened.

The threat posed on the Rupavahini Chairperson is also rather unorthodox. These threats against her are only being posed at sunset. No problem in daylight. Perhaps the men who threatened Inoka are sleeping in the daytime and active in the evening. 

From residence at Handapangoda to Colombo 07, there is no interference for Inoka Sathyangani from even a little ant on her way to work in her official vehicle. But, the threat is being posed in the evening rather intensifying. 

Inoka, who freely rides her vehicle in the morning to work, returns home in the evening with guards provided by the Rupavahini Corporation. Behind her official vehicle in the evening is another vehicle escorted by Rupavahini guards all the way back to Handapangoda residence. Once the chairperson is safely escorted home, these guards report back to base.

The allegations leveled against the Rupavahini Chairperson for being partisan amidst the upcoming presidential election are rather serious, reports said. All her attempts to get rid of the struggle have been wasted. This way, she even might be threatened in the bright day light. 

Therefore, it may be possible whether the security forces of the Rupavahini Corporation would have to escort her safely from her residence at Handapangoda, Horana to Base in the morning in the coming days.