The best of facilities at Hotel De Prisons

The best of facilities at Hotel De Prisons

15 May 2018 08:40 am

A super luxury hotel functions in Colombo city without the knowledge of society.

It is called Hotel De Prisons. If you get qualified to enter this hotel, what you have to do first is to select a package to your liking. The only requirement is money, if it is black money that is an added qualification.

The staff is ready to provide you with the luxuries not available in other leading hotels. To get a bed, you need to spend Rs. 25,000. A super luxury package costs Rs. 50,000 a day, that includes meals cooked at your home. Hotel Hilton gives you a luxury room for 100 dollars a day, and that same is available at Hotel De Prisons for 312 dollars.

This is none other than the prison hospital. The secret of affluent politicians and the rich getting ill soon after being ordered into remand custody is this Hotel De Prisons. Its management, doctors and minor staff are committed to serve them if they get their share.