Test Cricket saga reawakened post COVID-19

Test Cricket saga reawakened post COVID-19

8 July 2020 09:25 am

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, all sports including Cricket were temporarily halted. Among them was the apple of the fans' eyes the quadrennial Olympics, which is considered as the world's gaming event.

Although the 32nd Summer Olympics was set to commence on July 23 in Tokyo, Japan, it was postponed for about two years. 

Meanwhile, several critical matches of the World Test Cricket series scheduled from 2019 to 2021 with participation of nine countries around the world were halted for over four months amidst the crisis, leaving a cliffhanger at the last match held between India and New Zealand. These matches were held from February 29 to March 02, at Chirstchurch, New Zealand.

Accordingly, a green light has been shed in the Test Cricket arena after a four-month silence. 

The England - West Indies Test series is set to commence today. The first match will be played at the Roseball Stadium in Southampton, England.


The significant element to this series is the fact that the matches are being played without an audience, in compilance with the health directives amidst the COVID-19 crisis. 

This, according to observers, will severely affect the England team, as every test match held in England is attracted to a very large audience, in which case the English Barmy Army audience will be absent this time, leaving the players devastated.

Ben Stocks will be leading the England Team for the first time today (08), following the team's permanent leader Joe Root's absence in the first test match due to his wife's delivery. Accordingly, Stocks will mark himself as the 81st player to lead the team in history. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Cricket laws were changed for a limited period of time, at a decision to involve only local umpires and match decision makers. At the decision to involve only local umpires, the ICC also took measures to incerease the nubmer of re-queries on umpire's decisions per inning up to three. 

Meanwhile, the opportunity will be given to nominate an additional player for every player participating a test match, in a move to minimise the difficulties occur during a match, should a player sustain symptoms of COVID-19.