National Hockey Federation election rigged! Subject minister fooled too?

National Hockey Federation election rigged! Subject minister fooled too?

11 April 2019 06:02 am

Reports receive that the National Hockey Federation election is rigged and therefore is boycotted by a group of Hockey clubs representatives came for the election this year.

The group was seen walking out of the ministry premises.

Sumith Edirisinghe, who has been fraudulently administering the National Hockey Federation for the longest time with several others, had created a situation in which the last elections could not be held.

Therefore, Hockey has been administered through an interim board up to this point, upon which the election this year was decided to be held on this Wednesday (10) as well.

Viriththamulla drowned amidst Hockey Mafia! Accepting objections hesitated!! -

However, one party had planned to protest against the nominations for the election, while former Returning Officer, former National Olympic Committee member, Viriththamulla has not given them the opportunity to contest in the election.

'Submit objections during elections, if there is any' - Minister Harin

At the same time, the protesting party had stated that the Minister of Sports Harin Fernando had informed him on Tuesday (09) to submit protests within today itself, if there is any.

I was never informed of such thing by the Minister - Viriththamulla 

But Virithamulla, who was not aware of the situation, was ready to hold the election without accepting any objections.

Representatives from about six sports clubs who had participated in the Hockey election pointed out that not accepting the objections is injustice.

Rathnapura - Matara Hockey clubs for election only; no Hockey teams! 

The protesting groups have pointed out that acquiring Hockey clubs from Rathnapura and Matara, which are not even facilitated with Hockey grounds or teams, for the sole purpose of conducting elections is a fraudulent act, adding that such elections are not fair and reasonable. The protesting groups have further emphasized that the voting right shall not be given to these clubs from Matara an Rathnapura.

Confidential report of Sports Director! 

Also, the groups have taken measures to present court reports and a confidential report prepared by the former Director of Sports in defence.

However, officer Viriththamulla has avoided their claims and continued to conduct the elections, upon which representatives of around six sports clubs boycotted and walked out of the premises.

Elections boycotted by most active Hockey clubs! 

The representatives boycotted the Hockey election are from Colombo Hockey Club, Matale Hockey Club, Mercantile Hockey Club, Kandy Hockey Club, Jaffna Hockey Club and University Hockey Club, which are known to be the most active Hockey clubs in the country.

In response to a query we made in regard to the situation, the groups said that they want what is best for the Hockey game and its future and do not wish to harbour demons the National Hockey Federation is possessed with in conducting fraudulent elections.

They emphasized that they do not want to take part in an election that has no transparency, and if this mafia that damages the good image of the Hockey game continues to exist, they will expose all wrongdoings before the country very soon.

They also added that they will meet and explain the subject minister of the unfortunate situation the Hockey game is being led to face, adding that they have plans in future to protect the game as a team.