A call on little heroes to raise funds for COVID-19

A call on little heroes to raise funds for COVID-19

18 May 2020 08:09 am


There is no denying that COVID-19 is placing an unprecedented strain on our lives. More crucially, we must draw attention to the impact of our nation’s lockdown on our children’s schooling lives. Without proper schooling, children can lack motivation and a sense of direction. This is where http://kids4sl.com/ is here to help. The purpose of this website is to encourage children to take part in raising funds for COVID-19, whether that be through taking part in a joyous bike ride or a fun-filled baking session. Krish Sivagananathan, a 10-year-old Grade 5 student, is the founder of this website. Krish rode a 50km on his bike in only 10 days and raised Rs.50000/-.His brother Tashane also took part in this activity and rode 10km on his bike in 10 days, raising Rs. 25000/-. Want to know more about Krish and his mission? Read his interview with LNW here.

Tell us about Kids4SL?

I am Krish Sivagananathan, 10 years old and a student of grade 5.

www.Kids4SL.com is a website that aims to motivate children to support the Government of Sri Lanka’s Covid-19 fund. It was developed to encourage children to participate in raising funds. They need to decide on a fun activity that they want to do. Then ask friends and family to sponsor them. Once the activity is completed, ask the parents to collect the funds and transfer to Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 fund. They can also upload a picture of their activity and the pledged amount. The site also records the total money collected by the children.

What inspired you?

I was inspired by UK's Capt. Tom Moore (100 years old) who walked for over 20 days raising money for the NHS and also the 5 year old Henry Edwards who ran 2.6 miles every day for 10 days to raise money. Also my uncle Nathan walked the length of the country to collect money to build cancer hospitals in North and South (Trail Sri Lanka). That was the first time I participated in a charity event and I also wanted to do something like that. I thought of riding my bicycle 5km daily for 10 days (50 km in total) to raise money for the COVID-19 fund and wanted other children to join in. My brother Tashane who is 5 years old has joined me. He daily rides 1 km on his bicycle. The website was created to spread the message amongst other children to start doing an activity to raise money.

Tell us about the type of activities that the children can do during curfew?

Since all the schools are closed now, the children have free time to do an activity. It can be anything that they like to do. If the children have a garden, they could do sports activity such as cycling, running, walking, skipping etc. If the children do not have a garden they could do something indoors such as reading books, painting, baking, cleaning, playing a board game etc. This can be done as a family too.

How do they get sponsorship?

The children can tell their parents, relatives, friends, teachers etc and get the message across to as many people as possible about their activity and get sponsorship. The activity can be completed in a day or a number of days.  

What is your target amount?

It would be awesome if all the children together could raise rupees one million for the COVID-19 fund.

What are your future plans?

I have raised Rs 50,000 for my first 10 days of cycling. If I can find more sponsors after I complete the ten days, then I will continue to ride my bicycle to collect more funds. So far my brother and I have collected Rs 75,000 and we have a long way to go!

How does one contribute to the fund?

After completing the activity, each child can get their parents to transfer the money collected directly to the COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund of the Government which is at the Bank of Ceylon, Corporate Branch, Account Number 0085737373. They can transfer online or deposit a cheque directly at any BOC branch. They can also donate via their mobile phone by dialling #207#.

Your message to the Children?

As children, we can also make a difference to the country by doing what we can in a small way. I am inspired by many children across the world who have done different things to raise money to support their country. I hope we can join hands together to help our country to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic.