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Supreme Court case on burning cargo vessel X-Press Pearl to be heard today

2021-10-25 00:53:00

SUPREME COURT CASE SFRA 184/2021 Tomorrow MONDAY, 25th of OCTOBER , 2021..

The climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis for women and girls in particular

2021-08-18 00:59:00

As we mark World Humanitarian Day, we need to take urgent action to engage in climate adaptation, build climate resilience and prepare all the better for the escalating disasters, displacement and cycles of vulnerability that the climate crisis is creating - a crisis that is proving particularly devastating for the health and wellbeing of women and girls...

Sicily sees highest-ever temperature recorded in Europe

2021-08-12 09:10:00

Sicily sees highest-ever temperature recorded in Europe..

IPCC report 2021: Climate dossier ‘code red for humanity’, as 2C warming ‘possible by mid-century’

2021-08-09 21:30:00

A “devastating” new report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns the world is running out of time to avert the climate crisis..

Climate change: Time running out to stop catastrophe - Alok Sharma

2021-08-08 14:47:00

Former Business Secretary Alok Sharma is now leading COP26, the climate summit in Glasgow in November..

UK already undergoing disruptive climate change

2021-07-31 13:40:00

The UK is already undergoing disruptive climate change with increased rainfall, sunshine and temperatures, according to scientists...

Critical measures of global heating reaching tipping point, study finds

2021-07-28 16:48:00

Carbon emissions, ocean acidification, Amazon clearing all hurtling toward new records..

COP26 climate summit president says progress made, but not enough

2021-07-27 08:39:00

The first in-person meeting of climate ministers in 18 months has seen some tentative progress, says the UK minister who will lead the Glasgow COP26 meeting...

UK: Flash floods will be more common as climate crisis worsens, say scientists

2021-07-26 23:35:00

Overhaul of UK infrastructure needed to ensure it is not overwhelmed by impact of extreme weather..

Climate change: The Arctic reindeer herder whose livelihood is threatened by warmer winters

2021-07-26 07:32:00

Slava Kemlil, a member of the Chukchi indigenous people in Russia’s Far East, has lived a life bound to nature’s pulse - but the changing landscape of his tundra environment is posing fresh challenges...

A 3°C world has no safe place

2021-07-23 11:04:00

In 1745, as the river Liffey, having broken its banks, clawed at the foundations of the house in which he sat, the young Edmund Burke experienced a strange, perverse thrill. The man who would go on to found modern conservatism drew inspiration from this experience in a later essay on the sublime, writing of the unmatched delight that terrible destruction could stir—provided that it is watched from a certain distance...

John Kerry: world leaders must step up to avoid worst impacts of climate crisis

2021-07-22 00:29:00

The world still has a chance of staving off the worst impacts of climate breakdown but only if governments step up in the next few months with stronger commitments on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the US envoy for climate change has said...

Six more dead turtles dumped on Mannar Beach

2021-07-19 12:07:00

The bodies of six more dead turtles have been dumped ashore on the Vankalaipadu beach in Mannar. Officers of the Vankalaipadu Naval Base discovered the bodies and the Naval Base authorities have informed the Mannar Wildlife Office in this regard...

We will not let the government harm Yala National Park: Opposition Leader

2021-07-15 18:45:00

The Opposition Leader also paid attention to the issues faced by the tourist drivers and promised to intervene in resolving them...

Indian Students Create Soil-Less Farming Technique That Uses 95% Less Water

2021-07-06 16:56:00

India is a nation of farmers, where nearly 60 percent of people in India earn their living through farming. However, what many miss out on is also how India has the world’s largest livestock population...

Mount Nyiragongo: DR Congo city of Goma empties as thousands flee erupting volcano

2021-05-23 12:47:00

Lava from the eruption has flowed on to a major road and has reached the airport on the edge of the city, witnesses say...

Today is the World Migratory Bird Day

2021-05-08 18:15:00

On Saturday, 8 May people all over the world will be celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, a global campaign which aims to raise awareness of migratory birds and the need for international cooperation to conserve them...

The UK and Sri Lanka lead on ‘Nitrogen for Climate and Green Recovery’

2021-05-06 23:50:00

The British High Commission in Colombo and the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka this week held a virtual event “Nitrogen for Climate and Green Recovery”, held on 27 - 29 April 2021, in Colombo...

Brazil Amazon: Celebrities urge Biden to refuse deal with Bolsonaro

2021-04-22 21:37:00

Dozens of US and Brazilian celebrities have urged President Joe Biden to not sign any environmental deal with Brazil as deforestation in the Amazon rises...


2021-04-21 17:42:00

The science is irrefutable and globally agreed: to stop the climate crisis from becoming a permanent catastrophe, we must limit global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius...

How Canada is trying to protect its last three spotted owls

2021-04-19 16:08:00

Canada announced a more full-throated response to the potential extinction of the owl within its borders and boost the species..

SRI LANKA: Rule By Gazettes Leads to Impoverishment and Insecurity

2021-04-16 20:28:00

It is not for fun that the Government established processes for taking decisions and implementing them. It is the age old wisdom gained through various experiences throughout history that led to the establishment of these processes before making decisions and also for implementing and following up on them...

‘Underwater Gallery Nilwella’ - PHOTOS

2021-04-16 19:43:00

It is no secret that the destruction of the marine ecosystem due to natural and human activities deals a deadly blow to the fishing industry, tourism and ornamental fish industry making an adverse impact on the country’s economy. As a result of illegal fishing practices, use of explosives and discharge of harmful pollutants into the marine environment by certain individuals, the coral reefs and natural marine environment required for fish breedin..

738 drunk drivers arrested during the festive season - 30 deaths in two days

2021-04-16 17:12:00

738 drunk drivers have been arrested since April 14...

Thomas Gall School, Sri Lanka’s first Eco School

2021-04-10 20:43:00

This means teaching all subjects with sustainability at the core, topic based learning that infuses lifelong skills to create lifelong environmentally conscious people...

Saudi crown prince announces Green Saudi Initiative, Green Middle East Initiative

2021-03-28 19:53:00

The Kingdom is opting for a more sustainable future with the launch of the Green Saudi and Green Middle East initiatives...

Government at urge to build reservoirs at Sinharaja amid pressure by Chinese companies: Sajeewa Chamikara

2021-03-24 08:54:00

The government’s interest on implementing the Gin-Nilwala Water Project including two reservoirs at Sinharaja Forest is due to the pressure exerted by Chinese companies which are preparing to invest in the Hambantota Industrial Zone, alleged Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara speaking to media yesterday (23)...

Mother Nature’s siren of upcoming danger: Shasheendra Rajapaksa narrowly escapes with life in flooding accident

2021-03-22 16:29:00

Monaragala District (SLPP) MP Shasheendra Rajapaksa has merely escaped with life in an accident at Pubbarawa, Medagama, Bibigala...

Crisis in the Himalayas: climate change and unsustainable development

2021-03-21 16:39:00

The disaster last month in India demonstrated the risks from rising temperatures to the eight countries in the region..

We’re witnessing the most horrific environmental devastation within the country’s 2,500 year history: NMSJ

2021-03-12 00:49:00

The topic of discussion today is an important and special one. It is important because it can determine not only the present in which we live in but also the future of the next generation. Accordingly, the National Movement for Social Justice is extremely pleased to be able to contribute to this discussion on the importance of the environment...