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Sri Lanka unveils first bamboo Energy Forum with UNIDO backing

2019-10-23 17:30:00

UNIDO Colombo is collaboratively unveiling a Forum on Bamboo for Energy and Industrial Sustainability on 25 October...

Monster asteroid linked to Japan ‘fireball’ incident could be doomed to hit Earth, scientists warn

2019-10-22 15:57:00

A fireball that exploded in the sky over Japan could be linked to a huge asteroid that’s destined to smash into our planet...

SL hosts the First Meeting of the Mangrove Ecosystems and Livelihood Action Group

2019-10-14 11:15:00

Sri Lanka hosts the First Meeting of the Mangrove Ecosystems and Livelihood Action Group under the Commonwealth Blue Charter..

Sri Lanka wields mangroves, its tsunami shield, against climate change

2019-09-24 10:44:00

About 140 kilometers (87 miles) south of Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital, lies the coastal town of Koggala, named after a picturesque lake and identified with author Martin Wickremasinghe...

Sri Lanka scales up its domestic campaign to protect sharks with a global push

2019-09-08 17:49:00

Decades ago along the beaches of Sri Lanka, fish sellers used bicycles to transport their catch, including sharks. It was said the sharks were often so big that, when tied down to the bicycle frame, their snouts and tail fins would touch the ground at either end...

Dramatic warming projected in world’s major cities by 2050

2019-07-11 11:24:00

77 percent of the world’s cities will experience a ’’striking change’’ in climate conditions, while 22 percent will experience ’’novel’’ conditions -- ie something that has never before been encountered...

Coral reef restoration project commences in Northern Naval Command

2019-07-05 11:30:00

The Sri Lanka Navy yesterday (4) commenced another coral reef restoration project in the Northern Naval Command...

Are parts of India becoming too hot for humans?

2019-07-05 00:10:00

Intense heat waves have killed more than 100 people in India this summer and are predicted to worsen in coming years, creating a possible humanitarian crisis as large parts of the country potentially become too hot to be inhabitable...

Chile witnesses first total solar eclipse since 1592!

2019-07-04 13:00:00

Many tourists roamed over Northern Chilean desert on Tuesday (02) as a total solar eclipse projected in the skies...

40,000-year-old Ice Age wolf head found in Siberia

2019-06-12 13:28:00

Russian and Japanese scientists have unveiled the first intact adult head of an Ice Age wolf species, which was preserved in permafrost for 40,000 years...

Climate change could make frozen Siberia habitable within decades, scientists reveal

2019-06-08 00:31:17

Climate change could make large swathes of Siberia habitable before the end of this century, a new study suggests. ..

‘High likelihood of human civilisation coming to end’ by 2050, report finds

2019-06-06 06:30:48

Human civilisation as we know it may have already entered its last decades, a worrying new report examining the likely future of our planet’s habitability warns. ..

Thousands could perish annually in US if global heating not curbed, study finds

2019-06-06 05:35:58

Thousands of heat-related deaths in major US cities could be avoided if rising global temperatures are curbed, new research has found. ..

Russian 'Military Whale' in Norway's coast? Researchers astonished! 

2019-05-05 13:26:07

A beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) wearing a tech-gear was spotted in the northern coast of Norway last week. The fishermen were astonished by simply what they witnessed.  ..

33 forests from National Physical Plan at risk amid President's 'Thun Pokuru Yoga' observance  

2019-04-15 05:51:47

President Maithripala Sirsena requests the public to clad in white attire and plant a sapling today (15) at 11.17 am facing east to observe 'Thun Pokuru Yoga', an auspicious time which falls on today. ..

South Africa: Poacher killed by elephant then eaten by lions

2019-04-08 05:50:32

A suspected rhino poacher has been trampled on by an elephant then eaten by a pride of lions in Kruger National Park, South Africa. ..

We oppose Wilpattu forest destruction, but ignore Lower Malwathu Oya?

2019-03-29 03:44:10

Certain people who speak of Wilpattu forest destruction don’t pay any attention to the Lower Malwattu Oya project which destroyed 19,000 acres, said Ven. Wekandawala Rahula Thera of Center for Environment and Nature Studies. ..

Animals of Sri Lanka shoot selfies in tourism documentary

2019-03-26 13:55:56

The wildlife of Sri Lanka managed to shoot a few selfies during the filming of a short tourism documentary that was released today. ..

World Water Day - 22 March 2019

2019-03-22 07:32:55

World Water Day is celebrated annually on 22 March and this year’s theme ‘Leave No One Behind’ focuses on ensuring that everyone, everywhere has access to safe water. ..

China and India are making the planet greener, NASA says

2019-02-14 15:00:51

The Earth is facing a climate crisis, but it's also getting greener and leafier. According to new research, the rise is largely courtesy of China and India. ..

Slovakian biopiracy attempt failed!

2019-02-03 07:15:19

Five Slovakian individuals at an attempt of biopirating specimens of insects, tissue samples from plants and animals, that are being designated extincting, from Sinharaja forest were arrested by the local wildlife authorities at the premises. The Dep..

Farm waste at Hatton - Kotagala into Devon Canal!

2019-01-31 07:45:53

The Devon falls won by many tourists' hearts may not be as appealing as it used to be amid a troubling information received to which its Devon Canal has been exposed into waste matter released by a nearby farm.  ..

Another elephant shot at Udawalawa National Park! (Photos)

2018-12-01 16:23:22

An elephant with tusks of an age around 08 years has been killed by gunshot at the Udawalawa reservoir of Udawalawa National Park near the Thanamalwila Udawalawa Road early today (01). The postmortem for the dead elephant has been carried out by Vete..

Two more wild elephants killed in collision with train

2018-10-21 06:09:02

Two elephants had been killed last night (20 October) after they were hit by two separate trains that were travelling from Colombo to Kankasanthurai, and Colombo to Batticaloa. ..

All Turtle Conservation Units in Sri Lanka are Illegal, reveals Information Act

2018-09-25 13:14:43

Information received from the Department of Wildlife Conservation according to the Information Act revealed that half of the Turtle Conservation Centres around several places of the country including the Southern are maintained of illegal base. Accor..

Hambantota Mattala Kadawara Reserve, a Prey of the Forest-Firers!

2018-09-09 07:40:11

The Hambantota Proposed Wild Elephants Management Reserve built for wild elephants by now has become a prey for the forest-firers, due to the fact that it is only reserved for name boards. ..

Natural Mangroves Reserve at Seguwanthiv to say Goodbye!

2018-08-14 06:10:32

Although the Human Being is dependent from the environment to continue his living, we feel that he lacks courtesy, or is ignorant to learn at all, to treat and devote himself into the environment. ..

Cleaning of Rekawa beach

2018-05-24 16:35:45

A beach cleaning took place on the 23rd at Rekawa beach, the only conservation area for reptilians in Sri Lanka, in view of the upcoming world turtles’ day. ..

“Ceylon Waste” Destroys Environment, Central Environmental Authority asleep

2018-05-21 07:51:45

Improper operations of an electronic waste (e-waste) management factory (Ceylon Waste Management Pvt Ltd) located at Godaparagahahena, Kiriwattuduwa, Homagama is currently damaging the environment while creating severe health issues to the residents...

Plant seeds with distorted genes into the country!

2018-02-07 11:39:13

The Land and Agricultural Reforms Movement alleges attempts by Indian plant seed companies which held a conference in Colombo to bring in plant seeds to Sri Lanka without seed quarantine approval. This will pose a grave threat of disease outbreaks to..