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Today is the World Migratory Bird Day

2021-05-08 18:15:00

On Saturday, 8 May people all over the world will be celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, a global campaign which aims to raise awareness of migratory birds and the need for international cooperation to conserve them...

The UK and Sri Lanka lead on ‘Nitrogen for Climate and Green Recovery’

2021-05-06 23:50:00

The British High Commission in Colombo and the Government of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka this week held a virtual event “Nitrogen for Climate and Green Recovery”, held on 27 - 29 April 2021, in Colombo...

Brazil Amazon: Celebrities urge Biden to refuse deal with Bolsonaro

2021-04-22 21:37:00

Dozens of US and Brazilian celebrities have urged President Joe Biden to not sign any environmental deal with Brazil as deforestation in the Amazon rises...


2021-04-21 17:42:00

The science is irrefutable and globally agreed: to stop the climate crisis from becoming a permanent catastrophe, we must limit global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius...

How Canada is trying to protect its last three spotted owls

2021-04-19 16:08:00

Canada announced a more full-throated response to the potential extinction of the owl within its borders and boost the species..

SRI LANKA: Rule By Gazettes Leads to Impoverishment and Insecurity

2021-04-16 20:28:00

It is not for fun that the Government established processes for taking decisions and implementing them. It is the age old wisdom gained through various experiences throughout history that led to the establishment of these processes before making decisions and also for implementing and following up on them...

‘Underwater Gallery Nilwella’ - PHOTOS

2021-04-16 19:43:00

It is no secret that the destruction of the marine ecosystem due to natural and human activities deals a deadly blow to the fishing industry, tourism and ornamental fish industry making an adverse impact on the country’s economy. As a result of illegal fishing practices, use of explosives and discharge of harmful pollutants into the marine environment by certain individuals, the coral reefs and natural marine environment required for fish breedin..

738 drunk drivers arrested during the festive season - 30 deaths in two days

2021-04-16 17:12:00

738 drunk drivers have been arrested since April 14...

Thomas Gall School, Sri Lanka’s first Eco School

2021-04-10 20:43:00

This means teaching all subjects with sustainability at the core, topic based learning that infuses lifelong skills to create lifelong environmentally conscious people...

Saudi crown prince announces Green Saudi Initiative, Green Middle East Initiative

2021-03-28 19:53:00

The Kingdom is opting for a more sustainable future with the launch of the Green Saudi and Green Middle East initiatives...

Government at urge to build reservoirs at Sinharaja amid pressure by Chinese companies: Sajeewa Chamikara

2021-03-24 08:54:00

The government’s interest on implementing the Gin-Nilwala Water Project including two reservoirs at Sinharaja Forest is due to the pressure exerted by Chinese companies which are preparing to invest in the Hambantota Industrial Zone, alleged Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara speaking to media yesterday (23)...

Mother Nature’s siren of upcoming danger: Shasheendra Rajapaksa narrowly escapes with life in flooding accident

2021-03-22 16:29:00

Monaragala District (SLPP) MP Shasheendra Rajapaksa has merely escaped with life in an accident at Pubbarawa, Medagama, Bibigala...

Crisis in the Himalayas: climate change and unsustainable development

2021-03-21 16:39:00

The disaster last month in India demonstrated the risks from rising temperatures to the eight countries in the region..

We’re witnessing the most horrific environmental devastation within the country’s 2,500 year history: NMSJ

2021-03-12 00:49:00

The topic of discussion today is an important and special one. It is important because it can determine not only the present in which we live in but also the future of the next generation. Accordingly, the National Movement for Social Justice is extremely pleased to be able to contribute to this discussion on the importance of the environment...

How is climate change driving conflict in Africa?

2021-03-11 16:48:00

In light of recent events, such as the mass kidnapping of the 343 schoolboys in Nigeria, the war in Tigray in the northernmost region of Ethiopia, as well as decades-long issues such as the Darfur war, the accumulating news headlines seems unequivocal: there is a growing link between climate change and conflict, and that link is seen right across the African continent...

Attenborough’s Life In Colour: Just what I needed – a dazzling dose of escapism

2021-03-02 21:25:00

David Attenborough has described his new two-part BBC series as a break from his recent “woe is me” documentaries addressing the bleak reality of climate change...

Nature Bonds May Be the Next Big Thing for Emerging Markets

2021-02-27 08:23:00

Emerging-market nations are looking at issuing the first nature-linked bonds as part of talks involving the World Bank and major sovereign creditors to make their debt more sustainable...

Attenborough’s stark warning on climate change: ’It’s already too late’

2021-02-24 12:38:00

The veteran broadcaster tells the UN Security Council the climate crisis is the ’’biggest threat to security’’ humans have faced...

Did nuclear spy devices in the Himalayas trigger India floods?

2021-02-21 19:03:00

In a village in the Indian Himalayas, generations of residents have believed that nuclear devices lie buried under the snow and rocks in the towering mountains above...

Defence Secretary acknowledges increasing eco-damage in Sri Lanka

2021-02-18 08:36:00

The destruction of natural resources is taking place hitting a peak in the present days and the government has been informed in this regard, emphasised Defence Secretary Kamal Gunaratne addressing a discussion held in the Defence Ministry...

Heating Arctic may be to blame for snowstorms in Texas, scientists argue

2021-02-17 15:55:00

Associating climate change, normally connected with roasting heat, with an unusual winter storm that has crippled swaths of Texas and brought freezing temperatures across the southern US can seem counterintuitive. But scientists say there is evidence that the rapid heating of the Arctic can help push frigid air from the north pole much further south, possibly to the US-Mexico border...

Sea-level rise: writers imagined drowned worlds for centuries – what they tell us about the future

2021-01-30 04:29:00

Water was traded on Wall Street alongside oil and gold for the first time in early December 2020. That might seem bizarre, but there is a grim logic at play. Reliable sources of water that have nourished civilisations throughout history – the glaciers and ice packs that release a steady flow each spring – are shrinking. New research has revealed that the world is losing ice 65% faster now than it did in the 1990s, at a rate of 1.3 trillion tonne..

UK and Sri Lanka to collaborate on Climate Change

2021-01-23 14:29:00

In a tweet Lord Ahmad addressed Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Minister Dinesh Gunawardena and said that the two countries are collaborating on climate change and trade...

World Bank GYCN names Talal Rafi as a Climate Ambassador 2021

2021-01-17 22:02:00

The Global Youth Climate Network (GYCN), an initiative of the World Bank Group, has appointed Talal Rafi as a Climate Ambassador for 2021...

Global heating could stabilize if net zero emissions achieved, scientists say

2021-01-09 14:50:00

The world may be barreling towards climate disaster but rapidly eliminating planet-heating emissions means global temperatures could stabilize within just a couple of decades, scientists say...

Sri Lanka met a daily loss of 10 acres of forests in 2020, reveals Ravindra Kariyawasam

2021-01-04 09:30:00

In the occurrence of a massive environmental destruction throuhgout the island, Sri Lanka found 2020 to be the year of eco-devastation in the history we know...

Eco-crisis on the rise amid irregularly disposed facemasks

2020-12-31 14:07:00

Devastated by the pandemic, the public worldwide is forced to wear a facemask as a mandatory option amid the day-to-day activities, in addition to social distancing. But for Sri Lanka, wearing one at some point may be a getaway factor from Police and the health authorities...

‘We cannot make it without science’: Greta Thunberg says climate experts are being ignored

2020-12-30 12:42:00

Climate specialists not being listened to despite Covid showing importance of following science, activist says..

Environment Minister instructs sand/soil excavators to contribute to Eco-Conservation

2020-12-24 14:50:00

Environment Minister instructs sand - soil excavators to contribute to Eco-Conservation..

Carrot the deer found in Ontario with arrow sticking out of his head

2020-12-19 17:25:00

The Canadian winter can be tough for deer, as temperatures plummet and food becomes scarce. But Carrot, a whitetail buck living in northern Ontario, faces an additional challenge: he has an arrow sticking out of his head...