Heavy rains, landslides in central highlands

Heavy rains, landslides in central highlands

17 August 2018 10:06 am

Due to heavy rains in the western slopes of the central hills, lives of the people living in the region have been affected.

As a result, three sluice gates of the Upper Kotmale Reservoir had been automatically opened on 15 August. People living near the river, below Upper Kotmale Reservoir’s dam, have been instructed to be vigilant since the rest of the sluice gates can also be automatically opened if the rain continues.

Transportation in the area has also been affected due to winds on top of heavy rains. Due to a landslide in between Hatton Standeth and Shanon, Hatton-Colombo main road has been completely blocked at 9.30 am today (17).

haton 1

The officers of the Hatton Police request all drivers to drive carefully since the roads have become slippery and unclear due to mist.

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The students who sit for the GCE A/L examination are also experiencing difficulties due to heavy rains and winds.

M.C.D. Manura – Dikoya

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