Dear President Sirisena, Don’t Be Ungrateful

Dear President Sirisena, Don’t Be Ungrateful

26 March 2018 04:08 am

The last two days I have watched you in Pakistan having a great time at the expense of the poor tax payers of Sri Lanka.

We hope you got some benefit after your visit to Pakistan for our country. You only travel , nothing turns up for our poor Sri Lankan people. People in the city are laughing how you are breaking up good roads in Polonaruwa and re surfacing them. 

To benefit whom may I ask? You have forgotten who made you President. 

You are whacking the man who gave you his opportunity to contest. With the LG latest result you know what you personally got. It is the Green Party who put you into office. You have forgotten them. The very people who worked against you in 2015, SB, Susil, Thilanga and Dayasiri are now your key Advisers, people like Ravi, Champaka, Dr Senaratne, Duminda and Chandrika are kicked aside. 

Further the Rajapaksa family who hate you so much are slowly working on you to win back your confidence. They want you to fall out with the UNP. So that when they bring an impeachment against you next, the UNP will support , because they are angry. You can’t see it Mr President. Lack of education is not an excuse for ingratitude. 

While PM Ranil Wickremasinghe is no chicken and his side kicks Malik Samarawickrama and Sagala Rathnayake are well known game players and deal makers. Who has amassed wealth unfairly .As the President get tough with them instead of destroying the poor UNP supporters. Wake up Mr President before you destroy yourself and your coalition partners and your friends, who put their neck on the line for you. Surely your Mother and Father would have at least taught you that lesson when you were small. This current crisis is caused singlehandedly by you and no one else. Not right by the people of this country. 

- A UNP supporter