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Weedkiller glyphosate a 'substantial' cancer factor

2019-03-20 10:49:13

A US jury has found that one of the world's most widely-used weedkillers was a "substantial factor" in causing a man's cancer. ..

Sri Lanka, the top holiday destination for 2019, is polluted by torture and lies

2019-03-20 09:22:10

“The picture they paint is all rainbows and butterflies since the elections in 2015. But that’s wrong. The fear and distrust is constant.” Those words from a human rights activist in the Sri Lankan city of Jaffna, ahead of a Unit..

Reconciliation or Opposition?

2019-03-17 16:34:58

This morning, I received an email from a Senior Sri Lankan of Sinhalese origin, under the caption ‘LTTE village & a Sri Lankan Military Officer show the world what Reconciliation & Peaceful Coexistence is all about.’  This was an art..

Make BOC great again!

2019-03-14 09:58:10

The Bank of Ceylon (BOC), among state-run financial institutions, has always been a leading bank in Sri Lanka. ..

Hatching Happiness

2019-03-06 08:15:51

Psychosocial support complements livelihood interventions in Tellipalai Sugarna Kanagratnam remembers the first time she noticed Shantha* in school. A counsellor with Shanthiham - a specialised agency working on psychosocial support programmes - Su..

Despite All Odds

2019-03-06 06:15:43

Climate Resilient Women Time and time again, it has been proven that inclusion of women in development dialogues is essential to sustainable development. And it’s even more so relevant to Sri Lanka, as we battle the biggest existential threat tha..

AHRC TV: Sri Lankan police arrested in death of two businessmen and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 249

2019-03-02 18:52:41

This week Just Asia begins with Sri Lanka, where investigations are ongoing into the abduction and murder of two businessmen from Rathgama. Until now, two police officers have already been arrested. Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department has..

Variety is the spice of life in sensational Sri Lanka: Why Lonely Planet was right when it said the country is the best place to visit in 2019

2019-02-22 08:58:39

If you're reading this while enjoying a cup of tea, then perhaps you should raise your mug to a pioneering young Scot, James Taylor. Just 16 when he left Scotland's shores, he introduced tea planting to Sri Lanka, opening the country's first factory ..

Response to the article on Public Diplomacy – new Foreign Ministry initiative (February 10, 2019)

2019-02-21 07:00:41

Response to the article on Public Diplomacy – new Foreign Ministry initiative (February 10, 2019) – Anjalika (Malalgoda) Silva – USA It is ..

Who smashed up Karl Marx’s grave? Here are the prime suspects

2019-02-07 04:16:01

On Tuesday, nearly 136 years after his death, somebody decided to stop the rise of communism by trashing Karl Marx’s gravestone before it’s too late. It’s a weird time to do it. Who could be mad enough at him that they want vengeance, given th..

No quick fixes, Sri Lankan cricket needs a bottom-up overhaul

2019-02-05 10:01:26

Sri Lanka have lost 16 of their last 18 international matches, so there are rumours floating around about replacing the coach again. Rumours that Sri Lanka Cricket has inquired about the availability of top coaches overseas. That the island's sports ..

Coexistence or Unitary State?

2019-02-03 09:38:14

Sri Lankans are now debating between the existing Unitary structure and Federal structure as a better alternative through which to Administer and Govern. Administration is the pathway to common governance. When we administer as per our conscience –..

Tamils Need Self Governance

2019-02-03 06:14:07

Some hear about self-governance; some others think about self-governance and only a few realise self-governance. These few are the heritage of future generations. Which of these does Mr Sumanthiran belong to? In his Ceylon Today article ‘Truth Sli..

Seeds for a brighter future

2019-02-02 14:30:08

Rajnikansan Arushanandi’s son Brideman is in Grade 5 but he knows more about gardening than she does. ..

UK arrest warrant for Sri Lanka attache over throat-cut gestures revoked

2019-02-02 09:21:53

Priyanka Fernando conviction appeared to trigger stream of diplomatic exchanges ..

50 Shades of Grey in Black media

2019-01-31 10:28:45

By Priyath Liyanage Black January had ended. Black media continues. Black media had protestors handing in petitions at their doorstep. Some tolerated the criticism while the others retaliated. We brand some organisations as black, then there must be..

Meditation and Psychoanalysis

2019-01-25 09:10:03

According to Freud meditation is a reaction formation of omnipotence to infantile helplessness. As described by Alexander (1931) meditation is a "libidinal, narcissistic turning of the urge for knowing inward, a sort of artificial schizophrenia with ..

Keppapulavu: Land struggle reaches boiling point after 700 days of protest

2019-01-24 07:00:07

“We want to sleep, cook, eat in our own house and farm our own land” ..

Floats our boat: sailing Sri Lanka’s south coast

2019-01-21 10:54:23

After blazing down all day, the sun slips behind a bank of clouds in the west. As we make for a bay just beyond Dondra Head, the lighthouse on this most southerly point of the country grows slowly larger against a golden sky. It’s a laid-back momen..

Our democracy is victimized by the fascistic oppressors of majority nation - Dr Vickramabahu Karunarathne

2019-01-20 06:03:24

The Left leaders responsible for the constitution making process exposed those who were spreading rumours about the ‘Constitution’, were functioning as members in the subcommittees on constitution-making. ..

Meditation and Consciousness

2019-01-17 14:05:04

The word ‘conciousness’ is derived from Latin, having its roots in conscio formed by the coalescence of cum meaning ‘with’ and scio meaning ‘know’ (Sousa, 2013). Consciousness has been one of the most important and tantalizing issues ever..

Lasantha Wickremetunga Assassination: “Ten Years On, With You, Without You” – Investigations Where To?

2019-01-08 13:55:11

Investigations into the assassination of Lasantha Wickremetunga were initially launched by the Mount Lavinia Police. ..

Inhuman refinement in Welisara Navy camp: An exclusive disclosure on SL Navy!

2019-01-08 09:47:25

Information received on a disclosure made upon a group of inmates who happened to abandon duty or be at breach of rules and regulations of Sri Lankan Navy due to various circumstances and kept in Welisara Gemunu Navy Camp with no ‘basic facilities..

Lasantha Wickremetunga Assassination: Ten Years On, With You, Without You

2019-01-08 08:04:36

Maithri-Ranil coalition in January 2015 formed a government putting an end to the ten-year rule of Mahinda Rajapaksa. The new government gave many progressive groups in the country hope. ..

‘The Frozen Fire’ - Art and Political Reality - Lionel Bopage

2019-01-07 09:42:08

There are diverse views about the politics of the JVP and the inherent limitations contained in their political discourse. ..

How My Son was Made to Look Like a Criminal - Mahendran Snr. speaks up for his son

2019-01-07 03:42:14

I spent my entire professional life from 1957- 2004 representing the Sri Lankan government’s interests abroad, heading our diplomatic missions in China, Japan, South Korea and the UN mission in New York. ..

The clash of the two Titans: what next? by Dinesh Weerakkody

2019-01-03 15:10:54

The ideologies of the UNP and the SLFP have shaped the political experience of both Sirisena and Wickremesinghe. ..

Investors may be underestimating the political turbulence in Sri Lanka

2019-01-02 14:37:31

What might seem as a crisis averted in Sri Lanka — is actually far from being over and investors could potentially be underestimating the level of uncertainty in the country, an expert told CNBC. ..

Lasting Memories About Comrade Prins Gunasekara – By Lionel Bopage

2019-01-01 17:51:07

I came to know of the late comrade Prins Gunasekara through the large amount of work he did in the social transformation that took place in 1956, while representing the Habaraduwa electorate in the Galle district. ..

10 predictions about the media industry in the New Year

2019-01-01 11:41:34

2018 was a year of massive mergers and acquisitions, with AT&T/Time Warner, Disney/Fox and Comcast/Sky. The #MeToo movement made headlines, and the dominant emotion in boardroom discussions around Hollywood and beyond was fear … lots of f..