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Bombings Deflate Sri Lanka Tourism, and a Village That Depends on It

2019-05-07 15:20:22

Tucked away behind a ridge, surrounded by lush mountains where 45 bird species chirp, is a luxury resort that sells peace of mind for about $900 a night. ..

Refugee crisis in Sri Lanka after the East Sunday bombings

2019-05-05 04:32:43

“Pakistanis a country where suicide bombings happen on a regular basis, mobs gather and kill minorities and people who think differently, houses and settlements are attacked, people are forced to leave their houses. I left my house once before in t..

Refugees in a struggle to seek shelter following Easter Mayhem

2019-05-02 10:12:08

Following the macabre course of events taken place on Easter Sunday (21) in Sri Lanka, the refugees in Sri Lanka who are fleeing persecution are being harassed and asked to leave the places where they have been staying. Several of them have gone to t..

Easter Sunday bomber radicalised in Australia : PM

2019-04-29 07:31:50

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says investigators of Easter Sunday attack are aware of some "militancy going on in Australia" and believe one of the attackers may have been radicalised while studying in the country.  ..

Right to Information: What can we learn from Sri Lanka's experience?

2019-04-19 13:43:19

Sri Lanka was the last country in South Asia to adopt the Right to Information Act (RTI) in 2017. For many of us who were involved in discussions with our Sri Lankan counterparts before adoption of the law, it is gratifying to note the progress it ha..

Is America the real ICJ?

2019-04-19 05:00:38

A few days back, an American of Sri Lankan origin stated in regards to the American legal actions initiated against Dual Citizen Gotabhaya Rajapaksa: ..

Asia-Pacific press freedom impacted by political change: 2019 RSF INDEX

2019-04-18 07:48:43

With totalitarian propaganda, censorship, intimidation, physical violence and cyber-harassment, a lot of courage is needed nowadays to work independently as a journalist in the Asia-Pacific countries, where democracies are struggling to resist variou..

Consume more water, your health depends on it amid hot weather!

2019-04-16 08:36:33

With sun rising top and directly pointed across the country, the weather over the period has extremely been hot, particularly intolerable to some parts of Sri Lanka. The temperature has risen into a fever pitch amid the hot weather and affects the hu..

Dr Harischandra Wijayatunga- multifaceted living literary genius

2019-04-11 09:20:46

“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance-“ Dr. Samuel Johnson.Dr Wijayatunga Mudalige Harischandra Wijayatunga’s life truthfully reflects the authenticity of these lines. ..

What’s the deal with reconciliation?

2019-04-10 08:38:01

We have all heard the word reconciliation used by politicians often. Sometimes it’s about peace, co-existence, and unity. But most often it is about foreign influence, sovereignty, prosecuting war heroes, and lies. ..

What they don't tell you about Sri Lanka: The good, the bad and the ugly

2019-04-07 08:53:35

They are probably the scariest four steps I've ever taken – and all I was doing was heading from the bed to the toilet. ..

Mangala sets record straight on UNHRC resolution

2019-04-07 02:06:08

By Harim Peiris Earlier this week, former Foreign Minister and current Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera, who recently celebrated his unbroken thirty years of public service as a parliamentarian, issued a lengthy statement which sought to set the..

Buddhist Power vs Non-Buddhist Power

2019-04-05 18:05:31

As per the Sri Lankan Constitution, Buddhism is afforded foremost status of all religions in Sri Lanka. This is in breach of the principles of democracy based on zero advantage as per the law/constitution – except to make amends – such as article..

Australian tourists bored with Bali look to enjoy international holidays in Sri Lanka

2019-04-05 06:32:26

A growing number of Australians are shunning Bali and Thailand in favour of holidaying in Sri Lanka, according to a Sri Lankan tourism operator. ..

UN Resolution & Sri Lankan Politics

2019-04-04 03:46:35

Currently the hot topic amongst the two Sri Lankan teams playing the global political game is the UN HRC Resolution 40/1 which recognizes that ethnic differences are not reconciled in Sri Lanka. The question is what UNHRC Resolution 40/1 truly m..

Victims speak about Reparations

2019-04-03 13:41:23

The “Office for Reparations Bill’’ was gazetted on 25th of June 2018 and the Bill was submitted to the parliament on 17th of June 2018. ..

Who needs reparations?

2019-04-02 07:32:12

The rationale for a new Office of Reparations was set out by the CTF (Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms) which worked during 2016, conducting meetings and receiving submissions from communities island-wide. According to the report ..

Do Reparations matter?

2019-04-01 11:33:24

Since the end of the war, the political-landscape of Sri Lanka has consistently prioritized the agenda of progressive and unhindered socio-economic development above all else. Inclusion and non-discrimination largely matter for this policy because a ..


2019-04-01 04:24:18

Journalist Nilanthan shared with his Diaspora audience the message that there was a true force of Tamils which the current generation Tamil leaders in ‘motherland’ were not able to access. ( That remind..

Australia on War Crimes Investigations

2019-03-31 13:43:39

The Associated Press report was headed ‘Australia: Sri Lanka war crime allegations should be investigated’ ..

Indian Karma in Australia

2019-03-29 09:32:00

[Hanson characterised One Nation as a party that would never “sell its vote”. “Perhaps that’s why big organisations and big business don’t give us donations,” she said. ..

The UNHRC Report - Making Devolution Futuristic

2019-03-29 08:38:01

The most recent Report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachele, released on March 20th 2019 makes some vital observations regarding the progress made by Sri Lanka in the implementation of the Human Rights Council Resolution 30/..

Microfinance Act to be abolished – new act already drafted!

2019-03-26 08:01:53

Several activists, on behalf of the Collective for the Protection of Victims of Microfinance Loans, met with Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera, Central Bank Governor Indrajith Kumaraswami, Finance Ministry Advisor Mano Thiththawella and several hi..

India Redeems Sri Lanka from China’s Debt-Trap

2019-03-24 09:25:30

Yesterday when we were discussing the NSW election trends with our neighbour I revealed that I voted for Labor as an expression against Mr Howard who came into the scene at the last moment. Liberal won at State level but Coogee won at electorate leve..

LGBTIQ Community, Freedom of Expression and Internet

2019-03-23 07:33:03

LGBTIQ rights are being demanded in many aspects all over the world. While there are countries reaching beyond marriage equality to demand the right to adopt children, another proportion from a different part of the world seeks justice for their very..

UN, the Diaspora and the True Constitution of Sri Lanka

2019-03-22 12:59:45

This morning’s mail brought the UNHRC recordings in relation to Sri Lanka. I paid special attention to two personalities I am familiar with due to my own interest in them as members of our community. They are Mr. Gary Anandasangaree who represented..

The pain of losing loved ones

2019-03-22 05:50:15

Priya Vippayoga Dukkho - the pain of losing loved ones. The Buddha preached about the main reasons for human pain and suffering, and amongst these causes was the pain we feel when we are distanced from or when we lose the ones we love. It is a p..

Buddhism and Reconciliation

2019-03-22 05:17:49

As a country coming out of the terror of war, we are in a sensitive position. Terms such as reconciliation have been tossed around so much since the end of the war by the government and at politically convenient times by the opposition that it truly ..

Why are we confused about the OMP?

2019-03-22 04:39:07

One of the biggest challenges we see in our country today is the confusion our people face between what is protection and what is danger. On one hand our government is reassuring the victims of war that we will redress their losses and help them to h..

Mr Rajapaksa & Mr Howard

2019-03-21 05:39:47

[But in an election as close as this – a YouGov Galaxy poll on Monday identified a big, 5.2 per cent anti-government swing in Penrith – the tragic events in Christchurch might swing the government's way.] Financial Review article ‘NZ's tra..