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Expose election expenses - Anura Hegoda

2020-07-11 16:02:00

Election fever has begun to rise.. Millions of rupees go to printers, cut-out makers, electronic and print media including an intolerable amount for newspaper supplements, TV and radio advertisements going to appear in the campaign...

Navaly Church Bombing – 25 Years On

2020-07-09 10:19:00

People in Navaly, including members of the church youth club, were helping the displaced by providing them with food and setting up temporary toilets...

Mary Trump’s book to be published early amid ‘extraordinary interest’

2020-07-07 15:51:00

Tell-all book by Donald Trump’s niece will argue president suffered ‘child abuse’ in the early years of his life..

World Bank drives Sri Lanka’s Economy backwards

2020-07-06 21:03:00

As the old saying goes, there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. Us being downgraded to the lower-middle income category, according to what I believe, would be a blessing in disguise for us, given the severe meltdown in the country’s economy at the moment. Because, being an upper-middle income country, it might be difficult for us to obtain reliefs from foreign countries...

Coronavirus funerals: Sri Lanka’s Muslims decry forced cremation

2020-07-06 13:14:00

Sri Lankan authorities are insisting on cremation for coronavirus victims - a practice forbidden by Islam. The nation’s minority Muslim community says they are using the pandemic to discriminate, writes BBC Sinhala’s Saroj Pathirana...

A history of pandemics: from Spanish Flu to Covid-19

2020-07-05 14:51:00

Mark Honigsbaum compares the Covid-19 pandemic to previous diseases outbreaks over the past century..

Can Sri Lanka get the MCC?

2020-07-04 08:39:00

We wondered how to get an economic commentary on the MCC that has become a topic that everyone talks about these days. So we met Mr. Vincent Mervin Fernando, a country-renowned economist, former director of the Central Bank, and author of 65 books...

China’s draconian security law for Hong Kong buries ’one country, two systems’

2020-07-02 15:14:00

The regime in Beijing would rather be feared than admired..

Rights Lawyers Under Fire in Sri Lanka

2020-07-02 02:30:00

Last month (May 2020) a Magistrate in Jaffna had withdrawn quarantine orders against the organizers of end of war commemorations, based on appeals by lawyers...

Hong Kong contoured under China’s new security laws?

2020-07-01 21:22:00

Defiant protesters get a taste of what it will be like..

Does ’buy-black’ challenge actually serve justice for George Floyd?

2020-06-30 09:58:00

Too often they lack the capital, education and connections they need..

Chinese policy towards Sri Lanka tells a cautionary tale

2020-06-30 02:00:00

Chinese magnanimity and speed in responding to the Indian Ocean island’s request contrasted starkly with Beijing’s more measured response to Africa’s needs, widely expected to be the pandemic’s next hotspot...

President Gotabaya’s Wife an Example to all Politicians

2020-06-28 15:57:00

President Gotabaya Rajapakse’s wife is a shining example of how a politician’s wife should behave in public...

The President and the Central Bank who were vulnerable amidst COVID-19

2020-06-27 12:47:00

“All I have to say is, please, should you choose not to accept what I say, submit your plans by tomorrow morning. You tell me on how do we rise from this economic situation; what would be your ideas; on how economy should be strengthened; on how help would be given to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.”..

Repression of Dissent in May 2020

2020-06-26 04:30:00

A father of a 14 year autistic child subjected to Police assault was threatened not to take legal actions. A family of COVID-19 suspected death was allegedly threatened by authorities not make the information public...

Review: US DOJ politicised?

2020-06-25 10:57:00

William Barr appears to be using federal law enforcement for political ends..

Leaders and leadership

2020-06-23 12:09:00

It is up to us to see past our own stigmas about so-called acceptable genders, classes, ethnicities, ages, religions and castes, and to recognize and promote future leaders who have the ideas, dedication, teambuilding skills and competence to navigate the trying times ahead...

Theories changed on planting new forests amid Climate Crisis?

2020-06-23 12:03:00

Rather than benefiting the environment, large-scale tree planting may do the opposite, two new studies have found...

Sri Lanka And The US: A Pogrom And A Black Death At The Hands Of A White Policeman: Salutary Lessons

2020-06-21 00:03:00

The morning of July the 25th 1983 is etched in my brain. I saw a group of people running or walking very fast away from the environs of Colombo...

Politics & Pandemic: UK grapples with the wrong government amidst COVID-19

2020-06-20 19:48:00

The pandemic has many lessons for the government, which the inevitable public inquiry will surely clarify...

‘Iron hands in a velvet glove’

2020-06-20 18:14:00

President Gotabaya is celebrating his 71 birthday as the President of Sri Lanka. Like most of the previous incumbents, he has had to face significant challenges on his way to the top. Very few expected him to make a comeback after the Rajapakse administration was booted out of office in 2015...

Getting the right stimulus mix: A big challenge for governments

2020-06-20 16:48:00

The President recently referred to the stimulus packages given by several foreign governments. When he addressed the Central Bank recently, he wanted them to put forward a single proposal to rebuild the economy...

Open letter to Narendra Modi and other Indian politicians

2020-06-19 18:18:00

I am writing this letter concerning Tamil people in the North and East of the island of Sri Lanka, which has been the hereditary land of the Tamils for thousands of years, known as Tamil Eelam...

What Is The Value Of The Life Of Sunil Jayawardene? - By Basil Fernando

2020-06-16 14:52:00

The whole amount related to the dispute in this incident is about Rs 35,000...

The earliest bows and arrows outside Africa have been found in a Sri Lankan rainforest - METRO Report

2020-06-13 18:04:00

The oldest use of bows and arrows by prehistoric humans outside of Africa has been discovered in Asia along with the world’s oldest beads...

Shout loud, save lives - Larry Kramer died on May 27th

2020-06-13 17:26:00

Suddenly, his face could change. From seeming calm, the brown eyes benevolent and almost shy, it twisted into a furious grimace. Out of the grimace came one scream: “PLAGUE!”..

COVID-19 Challenge meets Five Economic Wonders of Five-decade Mahinda Politics

2020-06-13 11:54:00

The Economic Growth of 72 years, from 1948 to 2019, was surged up to 6.4% (6% in 2005 – 2009,7% in 2010 – 2014; doubling the rate compared to that of the Good Governance, 3.7%), thereby demonstrating his third wonder before World...

Rebooting Sri Lanka post-COVID-19

2020-06-13 02:30:00

Growth in South Asia is expected to average 2-3% in 2020 and then improve to 4-6% in 2021...

The Spectre of an Authoritarian Regime Based on a Putschist Model

2020-06-12 19:36:00

Living in challenging times can be a blessing if changes during that time move one’s country towards a fair and progressive era...

Daren Sammy to Sunrisers Hyderabad team-mates: You called me ’kalu’, what did you mean?

2020-06-10 15:52:00

Former West Indies captain Daren Sammy has questioned possible references to the colour of his skin while he was part of the Sunrisers Hyderabad dressing room in IPL 2013 and 2014...