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Oceans are warming at the same rate as if five Hiroshima bombs were dropped in every second

2020-01-14 12:30:00

The world’s oceans are now heating at the same rate as if five Hiroshima atomic bombs were dropped into the water every second, scientists have said...

Political anomaly within government amidst Ranjan’s Voice Tapes - Who’s next?

2020-01-10 21:39:00

A group of political figures in the governing party who toasted over the exposure of MP Ranjan Ramanayake’s voice tapes have been shaken in the latest circumstances, sources divulged...

Negotiations between Trump and NATO on Middle East status!

2020-01-09 00:00:00

US President Donald Trump is currently in talks with NATO on the situation in the Middle East...

Australia fires, climate change take center stage at the Golden Globes

2020-01-06 14:32:00

The devastating wildfires in Australia and the impact of climate change became a surprising touchstone for both winners and presenters during the 2020 Golden Globes...

CSE and the precious Sri Lankan Culture

2020-01-05 13:06:00

May be if we are more open to each other and teach our children about how our bodies are being functioned, pornography would not have to be the best option...

A letter to the President

2020-01-04 13:42:00

Dear President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Happy new year to you and FT readers. I thought of writing to you because you seem to be doing the right things...

Science can help us adapt to climate change, but first we have to admit it is happening

2020-01-03 11:33:00

Research from a now defunded Australian adaptation centre has found social barriers are the biggest obstacle to effective action..

Many women left destitute: Micro finance - Rubbing salt into a raw wound!

2019-12-31 08:52:00

’’At that moment, I could not understand what I should do. The only thing I wanted to see was an end to this suffering. I had taken so many insults. I wanted to put an end to that, I couldn’t bear it anymore’’...

Why the “Hathe Ape Potha”?

2019-12-26 10:14:00

Writing this article to call upon the statements of Venerable Madagoda Abhayatissa Thero with regard to the ’’Hathe Ape Potha’’ by the Ministry of Education...

Sajith Premadasa should stand for his people

2019-12-24 12:29:00

Over to you Mr Premadasa , stand up and be heard before it is too late...

The BJP wants to silence us. But our voices will only grow louder

2019-12-23 17:47:00

The backlash against the Citizenship Amendment Act shows that Indians will not accept the party’s distorted vision for their country..

Farmers in UK, Australia meet toll amidst climate changes!

2019-12-23 14:51:00

Meanwhile, drought has caused severe damage to Australian crops, country’s media reported...

There’s Only One Way for Democracies to Save the Planet

2019-12-22 13:14:00

The Netherlands is taking the lead in solving climate change—and proving that the rest of the West is doing democracy wrong...

Sri Lanka’s Bhikkuni nuns and their fight for identity papers

2019-12-22 12:48:00

The young nun tells her story through tears...

Rajapaksa’s ‘nyet’ on Mattala is a bitter pill to swallow

2019-12-21 19:56:00

Since the setback in Nepal three years ago when the Indian diktat on the contents of a new constitution for that country was brusquely dismissed by that country’s communist leadership, Modi government faces a similar rebuff from Sri Lanka...

India’s CAA Bill deeply condemned at The Hague!

2019-12-21 08:56:00

’’India cannot cease to be one nation, because people belonging to different religions live in it. ... In no part of the world are one nationality and one religion synonymous terms; nor has it ever been so in India.”..

Biomass over Coal: Burning Different Carbon to Mitigate Climate Change

2019-12-18 12:43:00

Ever since the Industrial Revolution around 150 years ago, most of the electricity used in the United States has come from burning fossil fuels...

Why is the president of the United States cyberbullying a 16-year-old girl?

2019-12-15 16:59:00

What it says to girls is: no matter what you do, no matter how much you achieve, powerful men will try to cut you down..

Reach ‘peak meat’ by 2030 to tackle climate crisis, say scientists

2019-12-13 15:51:00

Livestock production needs to reach its peak within the next decade in order to tackle the climate emergency, scientists have warned...

China steps in as Zambia runs out of loan options

2019-12-12 15:41:00

Southern Africa’s third largest economy is a textbook example of the increasing debt facing a fast-growing continent...

Climate change: COP25 recognises that children are leading climate change activism

2019-12-11 14:02:00

United Nation (UN) officials have said that children and young people should be at the heart of dealing with the climate crisis...

INDIA/SRI LANKA: Gang Rapes, Justice and Civilization in India and Sri Lanka

2019-12-10 22:42:00

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on the occasion of Human Rights Day..

Sri Lanka’s transition opens the way for China

2019-12-10 11:45:00

Rajapaksa clan’s return to power is good news for China’s various strategic interests in the country..

Trouble brews in post-election Sri Lanka

2019-12-09 17:31:00

The hardline approach of the new president and a failed reconciliation process threaten to stir ethnic tensions...

Carbon dioxide levels are at a record high. Here’s what you need to know

2019-12-09 10:04:00

Carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas that drives global climate change, continues to rise every month. Find out the dangerous role it and other gases play...

UAE Rugby Scandal: Sri Lanka Rugby To Return ’Bribe Money’ As World Rugby Remains ’Mum’

2019-12-08 10:56:00

Sri Lanka Rugby is all set to return the alleged bribe of US $ 10,000 that was given by United Arab Emirates Rugby Foundation in the form of a grant weeks before the Asian Rugby Football Union Annual General Meeting, which was held in Bali Indonesia on the 17th November 2019...

Opportunities for scaling up climate finance in Sri Lanka - By Dinesh Weerakkody

2019-12-07 20:27:00

The National Consultation on Climate Finance Mechanisms for Financial Institutions in Sri Lanka organised by ICC Sri Lanka together with UNESCAP brought together professionals from several sectors to discuss pressing issues in promoting climate-resilient investment from the private sector...

Open letter to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

2019-12-07 14:05:00

I doubt whether I need any introduction! In brief, I am still here to write this letter to you!..

Why Sri Lanka should go back on your bucket list – and there’s only one way to see it best

2019-12-06 13:55:00

The pages of Sri Lankan chauffeur-guide Lallagit’s feedback book glow with praise, about everything from his wildlife spotting and explanations of Buddhism to his help finding Strepsils en route...

UAE Rugby Federation: Threatens, Bribes & Demands Sri Lanka Sports Minister for Asian Rugby AGM Vote

2019-12-05 12:39:00

In a startling revelation the United Arab Emirates Rugby Federation has now been exposed issuing an official letter to the former Minister of Sports Harin Fernando threatening, bribing and demanding that he intervenes and influences Sri Lanka Rugby to vote for him in return for favours,..