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Cycle of debt continues

2021-01-12 15:45:00

• Govt. plans relief mechanism • Majority of rural women affected..

Post-COVID educational priorities for Sri Lanka

2021-01-11 15:52:00

The global shock of the COVID-19 pandemic proves, once again, the old adage that ‘it takes a crisis’ and especially so in the world of education. From school leaders to students, educators and parents, are absorbing the lessons, rethinking past assumptions and considering what once seemed like unlikely scenarios. In the pandemic, unfortunately distance learning did not prove to be all that effective for schools...

Democracy - A Mere Slogan For Vote Base?

2021-01-07 16:30:00

Escalations arose in the United States as thousands of pro-Trump protestors breached Capitol Hill, Washington DC swarming into the building making it into a madhouse before the public eye...

2020 was the year of doctors. Which profession would it be in 2021?

2021-01-01 04:55:00

A person going by the name Chandrasiri Bandara explained that the stars were so moved by political developments in Sri Lanka that 2020 would be an extraordinarily prosperous year...

From Kumbakonam to Cambridge: The journey of Srinivasa Ramanujan, the ’man who knew inifinity’

2020-12-26 18:00:00

In a life that spanned just 32 years, the brilliant mind of Srinivasa Ramanujan managed to transform the realm of mathematics forever. Even today, many of his ideas continue to shape not just mathematics, but pursuits across other fields like astrophysics as well...

Jesus test positive for coronavirus!

2020-12-25 18:40:00

The footballers were due to play against Newcastle on Boxing Day but will now have to isolate...

Evidence mounts: a new coronavirus variant is more transmissible

2020-12-24 13:31:00

Most such mutations, though, have little or no effect on how a virus spreads or how deadly it is. And, until recently, SARS-CoV-2, the covid-19 virus, has been no exception to that rule...

BioNTech CEO confident vaccine will work on UK variant

2020-12-23 21:50:00

German pharmaceutical company BioNTech is confident that its coronavirus vaccine works against the new UK variant, but further studies are needed to be completely sure, its chief executive said Tuesday...

Price of marriage pushes land out of reach in Sri Lanka

2020-12-22 09:55:00

The custom of paying dowry with property is forcing up land prices and putting many families in debt, say civil activists..

Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children - inside his campaign to tackle child hunger

2020-12-19 16:32:00

’’There were times when there wasn’t any food, so you’d just go to sleep. The people that were closest to me knew about the situation me and my family were going through, but my team-mates and coaches didn’t.’’..

Tyranny of the majority in Sri Lanka

2020-12-15 22:55:00

By equating the nation with the majority community, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has done incalculable harm to the pluralist character and composite culture of Lanka..

Critics of Electoral College push for popular vote compact

2020-12-13 15:06:00

When the Electoral College meets Monday, its detractors hope it marks the beginning of the end of a system that twice this century has vaulted the loser of the popular vote to the presidency..

Sri Lanka Debt Concerns Mount on Downgrade Deeper Into Junk

2020-12-12 21:14:00

Markets are showing mounting concern about Sri Lanka’s ability to manage debt loads, amid financial deterioration that sparked a downgrade deeper into junk Friday...

The Psychological Effects of Torture

2020-12-11 02:55:00

’’The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.’’..

SRI LANKA: The duty to stop murder

2020-12-10 00:29:00

In Sri Lanka, the closest event prior to the human rights day on December 10th, is the killing of 11 prisoners and injuring of over 100 other prisoners in the Mahara prisons..

Snow may not settle in most of UK by end of century, study suggests

2020-12-08 15:55:00

Climate crisis likely to cause warmer, wetter winters and hotter, drier summers, says Met Office..

Spice of life: how turmeric became the ’new gold’ for Sri Lanka villagers

2020-12-07 16:41:00

In Sri Lankan cuisine, a pinch of turmeric brings the gold colour to sodhi, the mildly spiced coconut soup eaten with the island’s carbohydrate-rich foods...

Families Demand to Know Fate of Relatives in Mahara Prison

2020-12-06 18:15:00

Six days after the massacre, it is time for the authorities to allow families of inmates who survived to see their loved ones from a distance or at least facilitate one phone call...

COVID-19 must change our attitude to work

2020-12-05 16:02:00

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa speaking at the Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2020 said: “In some ways, this new normal has had beneficial consequences. It has forced the adoption of many new work practices.”..

Attacking Australia, Beijing tries to win by losing

2020-12-05 13:55:00

Beijing’s real target likely is other governments that are watching – in Southeast Asia, EU, Korea and Japan..

LRI gets bullish with Rs. 2.8 b takeover move of Unity Plaza owner On’ally Holdings

2020-12-04 15:00:00

New kid in the real estate industry, Lanka Realty Investments Plc (LRI) yesterday walked the talk of its optimism with a Rs. 2.8 billion takeover move of Colombo 4-located Unity Plaza owning company On’ally Holdings Plc...

‘Queerness, Queering and Queerversity’ – the 3rd annual Pride Speech this Saturday

2020-12-03 22:59:00

‘Queerness, Queering and Queerversity’ – the 3rd annual Pride Speech by Mx. Antke Engle, PhD, the Director at Institute for Queer Theory, Berlin is scheduled to be held this Saturday, 5th December at 4.00 p.m as a virtual event...

British mercenaries investigated over Sri Lanka war crimes

2020-11-30 15:15:00

British mercenaries who were involved in the Sri Lankan civil war are being investigated for war crimes by the Metropolitan Police...

GRs House of Cards needs a Reshuffle urgently

2020-11-29 21:29:00

There were huge signs of relief in the public service when the one time Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunga was acquitted by the The Court of Appeal from the ‘Sil Redi’ distribution case...

PBJ’s arrogance & folly leads to Fitch ratings downgrade: country watches helplessly...!

2020-11-29 16:16:00

President’s Secretary Dr P B Jayasundera’s interference with the Ministry of Finance is almost total...

Ethnic tension, conflicts key concern for Myanmar’s incoming MPs

2020-11-27 21:19:00

Yangon, Myanmar – On November 8, the National League for Democracy won another resounding victory in Myanmar’s national election, claiming 920 of the 1,117 seats available in the local and national parliaments and improving on its 2015 landslide...

After Flynn pardon, could Trump do the same for himself?

2020-11-27 00:15:00

Analysis: renewed US speculation raises number of legal and practical questions..

Biden Bursts the Bubble of Populism

2020-11-18 13:49:00

When Hungarian strongman Viktor Orban said in September that rooting for the re-election of Donald Trump was his “Plan A”, he was probably echoing the sentiments..

Economic expectations and prospects post 2020

2020-11-16 14:56:00

COVID-19 has triggered the deepest global recession in decades. While the ultimate outcome is still uncertain, the pandemic will result in economic contractions across the vast majority of emerging markets and developing economies...

A Year in Cloud Cuckoo Land

2020-11-16 14:10:00

A pandemic with no end in sight, an economy that is unravelling, a fiscal abyss, a debt pile-up, an overwhelmed public health system – and the Gotabaya-Mahinda government is planning to build a leisure park near the Peralanda wetland in Ragama...