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SRI LANKA: Beware: The Third Readymade Constitution is Coming Soon

2021-10-24 11:03:00

SRI LANKA: Beware: The Third Readymade Constitution is Coming Soon..

A million Chinese tourists a year to Sri Lanka? It is still waiting

2021-10-20 13:30:00

In 2014, English-language state-run newspaper China Daily called Sri Lanka “pretty much the perfect holiday destination”, touting its “golden beaches, towering mountains, ancient monuments and stunning wildlife all enclosed in a compact island”...

SRI LANKA: The proposed amendment to CPC will create serious problems for administration of justice

2021-10-14 00:55:00

SRI LANKA: The proposed amendment to CPC will create serious problems for administration of justice..

Covid: The UK is Europe’s virus hotspot - does it matter?

2021-10-09 15:57:00

With the news dominated by other issues, it has gone almost unnoticed that the UK now has one of the highest rates of Covid infection in Europe. But, as winter fast approaches, how worried should we be?..


2021-10-04 13:40:00


Covid-19 has now killed as many Americans as the 1918-19 flu pandemic

2021-09-21 14:42:00

More than 1,900 people are dying in the US daily on average – the highest level since early March..

‘I felt this huge relief’: how antibody injections free the immunosuppressed under Covid in America

2021-09-19 16:07:00

FDA emergency authorizations boost use of periodic antibody injections, or PrEP, to complement vaccinations..

Everything you need to know about Sri Lanka’s food crisis - INDEPENDENT Report

2021-09-14 14:18:00

Sri Lankans have been rushing to grocery stores and queuing up as food supplies deplete in the island nation..

Why is there a food emergency in Sri Lanka? BBC Report

2021-09-12 15:54:00

Sri Lanka has experienced long queues to buy essential items amid tight lockdown measures to control the spread of Covid-19...

Rajapaksa’s experiment with organic farming in Sri Lanka a warning to developing countries

2021-09-11 12:27:00

The Sri Lankan government would do well to listen to the country’s agricultural scientists and not to quacks masquerading as experts...

SRI LANKA: The Emergency Powers Of The President & The Situation Of Women

2021-09-09 07:58:00

SRI LANKA: The Emergency Powers Of The President & The Situation Of Women..

Mangala and the North

2021-09-06 23:58:00

The outpouring of tributes to Mangala Samaraweera, after his untimely passing speak to the respect he commanded both nationally and internationally...

My Indelible Memories of the Past and of Professor C L V (Lakshman) Jayathilake

2021-09-02 20:35:00

My Indelible Memories of the Past and of Professor C L V (Lakshman) Jayathilake..

SL ranks 94 in Corruption Perception Index, so there is room to improve - US Envoy Alaina B.Teplitz

2021-08-31 19:29:00

US Ambassador Alaina B.Teplitz, in an interview with the Daily Mirror, talks about the development of business environment in Sri Lanka for the attraction of investments. She also responds to questions about the situation in Afghanistan and Quad...

The world is making billions of Covid vaccine doses, so why is Africa not getting them?

2021-08-16 16:23:00

While western governments get ready to administer booster shots, millions in Africa are still completely unprotected..

Why did the State Minister of Micro Finance endorse an old helpline number of LMFPA?

2021-08-11 13:51:00

Recently, Lanka Micro Finance Practitioners Association (LMFPA) launched a helpline number to entertain grievances of microcredit borrowers...

Artificial Intelligence may diagnose dementia in a day

2021-08-10 23:08:00

Scientists are testing an artificial-intelligence system thought to be capable of diagnosing dementia after a single brain scan...

SRI LANKA: SLPP: One Year of Non-Governance

2021-08-05 23:59:00

As the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) is reaching its first year of governance, which some may call non governance, the question that may be in the minds of many is where is it going? That is a question relevant not only for the SLPP but for the people of the entire country...


2021-07-29 20:29:00



2021-07-27 07:31:00

For quite some time, experts in economics and finance not associated with any political party have been raising the red flag about the severe economic challenges that our country was facing. Unfortunately, the politicians have consistently ignored these challenges...

SRI LANKA: Why the British colonial ‘rule of law’ project failed

2021-07-23 00:59:00

SRI LANKA: Why the British colonial ‘rule of law’ project failed..

How nationalism is making life harder for gay people in China

2021-07-21 23:22:00

They are increasingly viewed as agents of foreign influence..

4 friends bought a crumbling, 100-year-old mansion in the Sri Lankan jungle for $430,000 and spent years restoring it. Take a look inside.

2021-07-21 23:09:00

It was in 2010 when the interior designer Dean Sharpe first glimpsed the crumbling mansion on the Sri Lankan hillside near the town of Weligama. In its glory days, Halala Kanda — known as Firefly Hill to locals — played host to guests such as Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie and the legendary Australian cricketer Keith Miller...

Is the SL Police involved in an anti-government conspiracy?

2021-07-09 10:04:00

Yesterday (08) dawned with banners, posters, flags, and cutouts for the ’’Punurudayaka Arambuma - Beginning of a Renaissance’’ across the island...

Forex crisis, plea for calmness in national interest, and need for getting IMF-driven bailout

2021-07-05 13:27:00

“These speculative comments have naturally created some unnecessary short-term imbalance in the foreign exchange market between inflows and outflows. However, it must be noted that the Government and the Central Bank have ensured that trade is not unduly disrupted, and intermediate and capital goods imports are given priority in the process of imports...

A surging crisis in Sri Lanka

2021-07-01 03:59:00

India’s COVID-19 woes have rightly attracted the attention of the world, but the rest of South Asia is hardly sitting pretty, Jeevethan Selvachandran writes...

General Ranatunga..

2021-06-29 15:52:00

Wilfred Owen, among English poets in the early part of the 20th Century, wrote about war’s futility. More importantly he had in his sights the point of view of the soldier — it is theirs not to reason why but merely to do and die. The declaration of war is the business of politicians. Soldiers have to fight. They die...

Happy 100th birthday, CCP. But tomorrow?

2021-06-29 09:52:00

China might prevail in its epic battle with the United States but if so would struggle to build its own world order..

Why a train route is Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist attraction

2021-06-24 23:09:00

Sri Lanka’s top tourist highlight is the famous train route from Kandy to Ella. Get your Sri Lanka visa organised to experience this magical ride...


2021-06-21 12:12:00

Fishmeal, bonemeal and bloodmeal are also considered as organic sources to provide nitrogen and phosphorous in an organic setting, if they are produced using organic inputs..