Gotabaya - Forensic analysis more important than Archaeological analysis in the North and East!

Gotabaya - Forensic analysis more important than Archaeological analysis in the North and East!

17 April 2021 01:41 pm

By S.V. Kirubaharan, France | 16 April 2021

Greek (Athenian) philosopher, Plato said: “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty – free hand”.

The day politicians and state leaders turn a deaf ear and ignore the demand, request and cry of the people - problems start, eventually ending up in conflict. Then the states who trumpet their ‘sovereignty and integrity’ will invite foreign forces into their country, later making bogus claims: ‘we won the war, we are the ‘war heroes’’. This drama is believed by citizens who did not know that foreign forces were in their country and that their ‘sovereignty and integrity’ were violated by the same politicians who vaunted it. This is the story of the Rajapaksas’ ‘patriotism’.  

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the President of Sri Lanka is trying his maximum to portray himself as the custodian of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. Well and good, before he cleans the garbage in the city, he should look into the behaviour of the Buddhist clergy. Social media is full of their vulgar speech (pure filth), alcohol consumption, womanising, and driven vehicles. According to well reputed social media, some Buddhist Monks in Sri Lanka are the biological father of certain children. Those Westerners who follow Buddhism are puzzled and wonder what sort of Buddhism is practiced in Sri Lanka.

Since Gotabaya became President, he has been determined to dismantle the Tamil hereditary land in the North and East. Tamils have lived there for thousands of years before Buddhism and the Sinhala language came to the Island.

Sinhala Buddhist, especially extremist / Sinhala nationalists like the Rajapaksas’ refuse to accept the many well documented facts. Let the world understand who were the original people living in this Island. What was their language and religion long before the arrival of Prince Vijaya to this island?  What about the four ‘Easwarams’ in the island? I will leave all this for further analysis by historians, genuine archaeologists, anthropologists and others who will eventually tell the truth to the world.

Now let me deal with present affairs. Gotabaya proudly appointed a Presidential Task Force to protect archaeological sites, aiming to establish that Buddhism existed in the North and East of Island. His intention is to get mass support of the Buddhists for his political endeavours!

Definition of Archaeology

Before I go into further analysis, let’s look at the definition of Archaeology. In brief, it is the study of human activity in the past, through the recovery and analysis of cultural material, drawing from biological, geological, and environmental systems. It is obvious that Gotabaya has misunderstood the definition of Archaeology and is misleading the people in the South. Archaeology can’t be done only in the interests of Buddhism.

That the Presidential Task Force protecting archaeological sites was appointed by Gotabaya and is under the Defence Secretary reveals another bizarre approach to archaeology. The Task Force is led by the Buddhist Advisory Council, the Maha Sanga - Malwatte, Asgiriya, Malwathu and others. The President who says he is the President for everyone, has appointed only Buddhist clergymen, military leaders and one or two Sinhala Buddhist academics. The Task Force covers only the Tamil hereditary land of the North and East. It’s so obvious that Gotabaya, with the guidance of this Task force, is soon going to say that the whole island was dominated by Buddhists even prior to the arrival of Prince Vijaya.

My request to the same Task force and Gotabaya is that if they are honest and have courage, they should initiate an archaeological analysis in the South from Panandurai, Kaluthurai to Kataragamma. If they do this, they will be surprised to see that the archaeological evidence shows no connection to Buddhism. Also it's already on the record that the hard work, sweat and the blood of the Tamils built up the South, including the Rajapaksas’ Palatuwa, Weeraketiya, Matara, Hambantota and other places.  

Strong evidence indicates that Kataragamma Temple and its surroundings were developed solely by Tamils when it was purely forest and populated only by dangerous animals. Can they tell the world, what happened to the Ramakrishna mission that was next to Kataragamma Temple? Shame on the Rajapashas! For this reason, archaeological search/analysis is more important in the South than in the North and East.

Forensic experts

If Gotabaya is really a President for all, rather than doing an archaeological analysis in the North and East, he should get some Forensic experts to see what the armed forces have done under his instructions in those areas. Once again I repeat here that every building built after 2009 in the North, especially in the Jaffna peninsula by the Ministry of Defence has tons of human skeletons underneath it. If he denies this, he should allow some forensic experts to see the truth. However, whether he allows it or not, the time will come soon when everything must be documented. We do not know which law allows Gotabaya to give amnesty to his supporters who are cold-blooded killers in Sri Lanka?

In the present government or in the cabinet, there are some illiterate people with double tongues. My father always said that, “it's better to remain a fool rather than open his/her mouth and clear any doubt”. It is the same with some Ministers and others in the present government in Sri Lanka.

For example, consider the resolution brought against Sri Lanka in the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council – UN HRC. It is a mirror held up by the International Community. The Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, Dinesh Gunawardena (DG) and others were shocked and disappointed.  However they were politically bound to hide the truth from their citizens. Then DG’s explanation to the media showed people how he lacks common sense, is very poor in calculation and earned insults for his father Philip Gunawardena.  

Let me explain the voting in the 46th of UN HRC, in simple language.

Dinesh Gunawardena

There are thirteen (13) countries each for Asia and Africa. Out of the thirteen Asian countries, five (5) abstained and three (3) voted in favour of the resolution. That means that only five (5) supported Sri Lanka. The claim that Asian countries are ‘with us' – ‘in support of Sri Lanka’, is not true.

Then with African countries, out of thirteen, nine (9) abstained, two (2) voted in favour and two (2) for Sri Lanka. Out of the nine abstaining African countries many have voted against Sri Lanka in the past.

Then among the eight (8) South American countries, five (5) voted in favour of the resolution and only three (3) voted for Sri Lanka. Out of the seven (7) Western countries, all voted in favour of the resolution. Then out of six (6) Eastern European countries, five (5) voted in favour and only one (1) Russia voted for Sri Lanka. This is how the result was 22 in favour; 14 abstained and only 11 voted for Sri Lanka.

Now I hope, DG and his Ministry can understand how voting took place in the UN HRC. Regarding the ‘abstention’ of immediate neighbour India, DG considered this a great victory. But it could also be claimed as a ‘greater victory’ for those supporting the resolution. Given the way Sri Lanka fooled India, how could India be expected to vote for Sri Lanka?

DG said to the media that the two million and eighty-six thousand dollars allocated to implementation of the resolution can be used for building houses in Sri Lanka. DG is a brilliant thinker. If he’s really concerned about wasting money, he can ask the Ministry of Defence to re-purpose the millions they are spending on paramilitaries and others to divide and assassinate Tamil activists internally and externally. Of course, that money could be used to build the houses that DG is proposing to the UN.

Foreign Secretary and the Ambassador

A ridiculously racist statement was made by the Foreign Secretary Jayanath Colombage in an interview with Tim Sebastian. He said: ‘the forty (40) countries which sponsored the resolution, except one all others were white countries’. He also used the word ‘conspiracy’ loosely, in other words it cannot be accepted if only white countries sponsored it.  

Then, how about the ban on LTTE - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam?  I do not know whether he is aware that the LTTE was banned by many of the countries which sponsored this resolution. If he or the government think that the resolution sponsored by white countries is null and void, then the LTTE ban is also null and void. Gotabaya is very lucky to have a brilliant Foreign Minister, Foreign Secretary and also a very good Ambassador in Geneva.

The present Ambassador in Geneva is a genius. The UN has never seen his like before. He should stay in Geneva forever. During the JVP uprising in late 80s, he carried out paramilitary activities and was accused of killing many in the South. In the past, one of Gatabaya and Sarath Weerasekara’s – (SW) mischievous men was caught red-handed for bringing a harmful item inside the UN during the HRC session. The purpose remains unknown! There was a day SW and his gang was ousted from entering the UN. Now, members of civil society are fearful that mischievous men with harmful items may be transported inside the UN in the vehicle belonging to the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Geneva who is very familiar with paramilitary activities. This has to be taken seriously by the UN officials and the UN Security.

When the LTTE was banned by many Western countries, the Rajapksas considered that those countries are for humanity and respecting their ‘sovereignty and integrity’. Unfortunately when the same countries brought a resolution against them, they twisted their tongue and said those ‘white’ countries are ‘interfering in our internal matters’, violating the ‘sovereignty and integrity’ of our country. This joke has to go into the ‘Guinness book of World records’. Also, what about the notices and signs written in Chinese that are appearing in so many places in Sri Lanka? – How is sovereignty and integrity reflected in the ‘Port City”? 

President’s President SW

Sarath Weerasekara is nick-named by members of civil society as the ‘President’s President’ of Sri Lanka’. This is because his illogical statements made day and night, impersonate the Executive President of Sri Lanka. SW, Keheliya Rambukwella, Prof Peiris, Vimal Weerawansa and a few others are used by the Rajapaksas as “their master’s voice’. Whatever comes out of their mouth is either from Gotabaya or Mahinda Rajapaksa. None of the people appear aware that in the early 90s, it was Mahinda Rajapaksa who invited UN intervention on human rights in Sri Lanka.  

SW’s election victory proves that the last Parliamentary elections were fraudulent. Clever members of civil society whom I don’t want to name did a secret survey on the election result in the Colombo district. They found that SW’s victory was fraudulent. It’s believed that ballot boxes were filled prior to the election by his son’s gang.  

Those days, when SW attended the UN HRC, his lobby never worked among the diplomats. In one incident, he ran away from one of the meetings because he could not answer the questions put to him. This was well published in some independent media with a photograph of him walking away. However SW and his gang stayed in a luxury hotel, were transported by the Sri Lankan embassy vehicle in Geneva and were wined and dined well. Eventually their lobby resulted in only eleven (11) countries voting in favour of Sri Lanka. Such an intelligent person is the present Minister of Public Security because he is related to Gotabaya’s family. Diplomats who have seen SW in Geneva wonder what sort of ‘Public Security’ he maintains in Sri Lanka.

Presently SW speaks a lot about the LTTE. If he wants to know any true information about the LTTE, he should ask his brother Ananda Weerasekara - AW who met with the LTTE Commander Kittu in Jaffna. AW pleaded with Kittu not to fire at the Jaffna Fort where he was in charge of an Army segment. Also AW told the LTTE that the Sinhalese in the South are not aware of the grievances of the Tamils. Now AW is a Buddhist Monk, known as Ven Buddhangala Ananda Thero. The next in line to become a Buddhist Monk is Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Indo-Lanka accord very old

SW, Keheliya Rambukwella and a few others say that the Indo-Lanka accord is very old, so it’s not suitable for the present day. If that is the case, then it’s the same for the Katchathivu pact and Srimawo-Sasthiri pacts which are much older than the Indo-Lanka accord. In that case, the Indian Navy can walk into Katchathivu and the Tamils who were repatriated under Srimavo-Sasthiri pact can also come back and settle in upcountry.   

Kheliya Rambukwella - KR is one of the clowns. On 18 June 2007, the Daily Mirror reported that, “A briefing by a government delegation at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) saw a heated exchange of words between the Ministerial team and NGOs who raised concerns of human rights violations in Sri Lanka, sources who attended the session told the Daily Mirror. The government delegation headed by Attorney General C.R. De Silva included Ministers Mahinda Samarasinghe, Douglas Devananda, Keheliya Rambukwella, Athauda Seneviratne, President`s Secretary Lalith Weeratunga and Ambassador Dayan Jayatilake. The flare-up erupted on Friday when Tamil Human Rights Centre General Secretary  S.V. Kirubaharan raised concerns over the responses by the government delegation to the concerns raised. In response Ministers Kheliya Rambukwella, Douglas Devananda and Seneviratne flared up and engaged in a heated argument which was witnessed by many members of civil society organizations and government delegations at the session, sources added”. (Excerpt)  

Prof Peiris will do anything to prolong his survival in politics. Most interestingly, he is advising the present government to bring a law that can protect soldiers from punishment. He is certainly referring to domestic law. After a successful resolution in the UN HRC, who is worried about his local law? He should not promote illogical ideas just for his survival.

Gotabaya’s updated list banning individuals and diaspora organisations is well known. In the mean-time we have been told that another list has been given to military intelligence and paramilitary members like Douglas, Karuna, Pillayan and some ex-paramilitary members living abroad. For what? We wish them all good luck.

Military Commander & Kathirgamar

What happened to Sharvendra de Silva, the military Commander? Today he has been made a specialist on Covid-19. The Rajapaksas suspect that at any time, Sharvendra de Silva may overthrow the government, taking control with the support of some big powers. So Gotabaya made him a Covid-19 specialist - keeping him away from military activities.

Like Gotabaya used Air Vice-Marshal, P.B. Premachandra for his Avant Garde Business, now Gotabaya uses Vijayalendran and Suren Rahavan for his glorification internationally. It’s too late, their voice will not work. Even though surely it must be against their conscience - Vijayalendran, Suren Rahavan, Karuna, Pillayan and Douglas speak for their survival. They all are in a trap.

Air Vice-Marshal, P.B. Premachandra worked hard during the war, serving as the Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Air Force. According to merit and rank he deserved to be promoted to the position of Air Marshal but eventually he wasn’t because he was a Tamil. This lesson has to be learnt by the Tamil paramilitary members and others - Vijayalendran, Suren Rahavan, Karuna, Pillayan and Douglas. Unfortunately Premachandra died in UK on 02nd February 2021.

Douglas Devananda never realised why he was given the Ministry of Fisheries. The overdue, longstanding issues with India, on fishing, will eventually be put on Tamils, because Douglas Devananda holds the post as Minister of Fisheries.

Have these Tamil stooges ever realised what happened to Lakshman Kathirgamar, when Chandrika Kumaratunga, with the support of the JVP wanted to appoint him as Prime Minister in 2004. Mahinda Rajapaksha used his Sinhala Buddhist identity and influence, cornered Kathirgamar. Today they are using Kathirgamar’s name for their glorification. Shame on the Rajapaksa’s.

As far as Mahinda Rajapaksa is concerned, the next Presidential candidate should be his eldest son Namal Rajapaksa. If Gotabaya disagrees with this idea, then the real saga will start within the family.

Whatever is said and done, people like Dayan Jayatileka, Prof Rajiva Wijesinghe and a few other academics have laid the foundation for today’s dictatorial path in Sri Lanka. In the past, they fertilised the tiny plant of nepotism and corruption enabling it to grow vigorously. Today it has become a giant tree beyond control. These academics have blood on their hands.

In conclusion, I would like to differentiate between Muslim leaders and the Muslims and also Sinhala Buddhist Leaders and the Sinhalese. As far as the Ethnic conflict is concerned neither Muslim leaders nor the Sinhala leaders have the right approach and policy. Both talk of emotional politics suiting their existence only. For example, in the past the Muslim   in Sri Lanka never had their own Political party. Muslims from the North and East were represented through the Tamil Federal party. Unfortunately, during the armed conflict Muslims leaders agreed with the ‘divide and rule’ policy of the aggressors and supported every government which was in power. This led to Muslim home-guards becoming anti-Tamil, though they are Tamil-speaking themselves. Soon after the ethnic armed conflict ended, Muslims paid the price for it.

I am a man of policy, dignity and self-respect - I will stand up for the same. The lyrics of a Tamil song say: “Fear is foolishnes, fearless are Tamil’s assets. Death may come at four or even hundred; our duty is to save-guard our homeland.” (“அச்சம் என்பது மடமையடா, அஞ்சாமை தமிழர் உடமையடா> ஆறிலும் சாவு நூறிலும் சாவு தாயாகம் காப்பது கடமையடா”.) (End)