Julampitiye Amare sentenced to death, MR acquitted!

Julampitiye Amare sentenced to death, MR acquitted!

12 November 2019 03:42 pm

It is not possible to accept the death penalty under any circumstances. Losing a life as planned is a crime. When a pool of guilty is hanged before the judiciary, another pool goes up to the president's chair.

Julampitiya Amare is a fine example of law enforcement in this country. He was sentenced to death by the Tangalle High Court on November 7. He was found guilty of breaking into a JVP rally and killing two persons in the year 2012. Amare's death penalty undermines his employer's crimes. The court is not going to prosecute his employers. 

Julampitiye Amare was fully sheltered from law by Mahinda Rajapaksa. Police statinos in Walasmulla, Middeniya, Weeraketiya and Thanamalwila have information on twenty-two murders committed by him. Julampitiye Amare has been identified as the chief suspect in eleven sexual assaults on women, four cases of child abuse and many robberies. He was armed with a range of weapons, including mini-ushi, used by elite security forces. But the law was enforced against him for only two murders.

Although he was remanded twice, he remained in good condition from 1998 to 2019, twenty one years. Mahnida Rajapaksa visiting Julampitiye Amare in prison had said, 'Amare, it's me Mahinda. Fear not, and come out.'

All the above crimes were committed because Mahinda Rajapaksa had sworn to set him free. This Amare was the lone security of arbitrary movements like Namal Rajapaksa's Nil Balakaya in Matara and Hambantota. 

Mahinda Rajapaksa was the mastermind behind all his crimes. The same Mahinda Rajapaksa seeks head of state for his precious brother and chair of prime ministry for himself now. 

Need we say again, even though Julampitiye Amare was sentenced to death, no court has questioned, or ever will, the story behind those horrible crimes.