Mangala said truth about Cardinal despite backlash!

Mangala said truth about Cardinal despite backlash!

5 June 2019 09:09 am

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera's tweet about His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith's visit to Parliamentarian Athuraliye Rathana Thera in his protest to dismiss three Muslim government suits being fuel to Islam terrorism has heavily been backlashed by the opposition. 

Minister Mangala Samaraweera interpreted Malcom Ranjith's visit to Rathana Thera as ''fanning the flames of hatred communalism".

Since recent history, it was frequent in the political arena that a minority of people--like Minister Samaraweera himself--raises direct voice against political agenda influenced by nationalism and those who follow nationalistic politics tend to go hostile against them.    

Background to Rathana Thera's drama

Needless to say, a sickness of opposing Muslims was spawned out of the tragic events of the Easter Sunday. It grew tumourous at times, that the Muslims were assaulted over the country, by destroying their property. A few lives were lost.   

Meanwhile, a common disgrace against the President, the security forces, and 225 members of parliament had been made among the general public, for they were warned about the potential terrorist attack prior to Easter Sunday (April 21) by the intelligence units. 

Why Temple of Tooth Relic?
Athuraliye Rathana Thera committed a 'protest drama' to protect the politicians from being blamed by fueling the original sickness - the sickness to hate Muslims; particularly to divert the opposition against President Sirisena, who as the minister of defence is responsible for the Easter attacks, into another direction; a social distraction. In order of doing so, he peddled the stream of Sinhalese nationalism, to become himself a hero before the Sinhalese nationalists, as foundation to his future political career. 
Both Azad Salley and Hizbulah were rejected by people during last election. They were appointed as governors by the President. The President had the power to dismiss either. Although Rishard Bathiudeen was appointed as a minister, he could have been dismissed under executive presidency powers. Athuraliye Rathana Thera is a counsel to the President. He could have easily visited the President in residence at Paget Road to raise the importance of dismissing these government suits.
But, he instead launched a death fast before the Temple of Tooth Relic, only to promote more hatred among Sinhalese against Muslims.   
Cardinal's role in stream of nationalism

In a time Sinhalese nationalism rises in flames, Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena Gnanasara too involves in the debate. Did not the Cardinal fuel the conflict by visiting Rathana Thera at his protest, when the Chief Prelates did not?   

It is apparent that religious institutions have highly been politicized. Cardinal's behaviour over the last few months depicted an attitude of a media spokesman of SLPP rather than representative for the Catholic Church. 

Bhikku from Order of Vampires

Both Rathana Thera and Gnanasara Thera are known nationalist bhikkus of Sri Lanka; two who spared true teachings of Buddhism and demanded blood of devotees of other religions-Bhikku from the Order of Vamipres. The Cardinal by standing by their side insulted the global peaceloving Catholic community. When Pope Francis being a role model to many Catholic devotees over the world winning the hearts of millions, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith reverses the process, something which the Vatican should be aware about. 

He one time in his lectures said human rights are unnecessary, shared views against homosexuality. Nevertheless, judging by attitude of those who went hostile before Minister Mangala's tweet, it is apparent that the political climate of Sri Lanka has highly been influenced by so called religious leaders.   
Despite backlash, we can only say what Mangala said was true.