Health Ministry in Rs. 12 billion debt – no plan to repay debt

Health Ministry in Rs. 12 billion debt – no plan to repay debt

24 October 2021 03:04 pm

The Health Ministry is due to settle a debt of Rs. 12 billion for the services it provided and there is no procedure formulated to settle the debt, raising suspicion whether a plot to disable the Health Service in Sri Lanka is on the works, revealed Ravi Kumudesh, President of the Association of Health Professionals, speaking to a briefing held today (24).

Although the Finance Minister at a meeting held three weeks ago had instructed to take necessary steps to settle the matter, no successful solution has been implemented so far, the Union President pointed out.

In the event that the Essential Health Services are disrupted on a daily basis due to the delays in decision making instead of adapting alternatives at the intervention of the Health Secretary, the development of a major crisis in the Health Sector may be inevitable, Kumudesh warned.

Although the previous health secretaries had intervened in solving crises of this nature, the poor management skills of the current Health Secretary are catering to the escalation of such crises in the Health Sector, he added.

Kumudesh alleged that a large sum of money has been allocated for unnecessary expenditure instead of settling debts. In the backdrop, the Health Secretary has even taken steps to replace equipment that happen to be well-functioning with new ones, he added.