DP Education Captures 650,000 of 4.2 million School Children Island Wide

DP Education Captures 650,000 of 4.2 million School Children Island Wide

12 September 2021 02:03 pm

The COVID-19 pandamic has changed the whole education system forever. As a result education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platform.

In order to this a Sri Lankan entrepreneur/business magnate and philanthropist Mr. Kulappu Arachchige Don Dhammika Perera, known commonly as Dhammika Perera stepped into a modern era of an innovative education platform called DP Education. Its the largest online school in Sri Lanka.

The entire school curriculum is available for students to study online for free. Mathematics, Science and English Language are the three main subjects taught by well experienced teachers and educators to enhance the knowledge of students. This digital platform is available in all three languages. There are 4.2 million students in Sri Lanka.

The DP Education has already reached 6,50 000 which is 15% of whole school goers within last 24 months during the lock down.

There are 500,000 uploads & 150,000 websites available on YouTube. Students from pre-school to grade 13  are benifited by using this app for free of charge. Lets join hand together to support the generous idea of Mr. Dhammika's.

Lets invade against poverty by using the powerful weapon of Education.

By Angie Raghunathan
(Educationist & Student Counselor)