We want to reduce the fuel consumption in the country. Moving to a ration system could be a solution - Vasu

We want to reduce the fuel consumption in the country. Moving to a ration system could be a solution - Vasu

22 July 2021 10:11 am


Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara says that the government wants to reduce the fuel consumption of the country and for that, the market has strategically increased the price and if not, the fuel consumption can be reduced by issuing fuel on a ration basis.

"There were different views within the government regarding the increase in fuel prices. My party, the Democratic Left Front, had said that the people should be given relief. Especially for people like motorcyclists. It is up to that party. Representing that party we will take a separate decision in the cabinet. Our party has a different opinion. I think it would not be surprising if the SLPP also had a different opinion. That is democracy.

In fact, we have to increase fuel prices on the basis of these two factors, namely, the difficulty of finding foreign currency today and the rise in the value of foreign currency to Rs. 200 today. Now we want to reduce the amount of fuel used. So one of the market strategies to reduce oil consumption is to increase prices. When the price is increased, the amount of fuel used decreases. It's a marketing ploy. A market system. There is another way. It is the issuance of fuel on a ration basis limiting the amount of fuel used. We know that people with big cars and money, especially those with black money, endlessly drive fuel-efficient vehicles that cause very high fuel consumption. But in the meanwhile a person riding a motorcycle is unable to get even the required amount of fuel. Therefore, if we set a fuel ration system for each type of vehicle and turn to issue fuel for that ration system, it is another way to limit fuel consumption. So I think there is the market systems and the social system. This decision has been taken after taking these two factors into consideration, ”he said.

Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara stated this addressing the no-confidence motion debate held in Parliament on the 20th.