Sivadeepan – Lakshantha Athukorale

Sivadeepan – Lakshantha Athukorale

4 July 2021 06:55 pm

Give me your cold hand Sivadeepn!
When I come
on the path of Palmira leaves in Kareyi Town,
with that tipsy unknown Songs and raw smiles,
shoot me again!

From the murmurring heard
at the library and in the Keeramalei pond
Salvage me and carry by the Chally bike
And buy for me the Palmira toddy,
the juice of love.

Set the carpet of jusmine under the stage where the Gods and Buddhas live.
Taking my soul
mesmerizing by the human scent
which doesn’t care the land or the language
Just mingle your smile in an ice cream coloured Katarolu flower

Besides the market of Jaffna
giving me a sack of love grapes,
Hold me again!
Like a bluish torrent of Kashurina!