Frenzied government delivering deadly blows to people

Frenzied government delivering deadly blows to people

12 June 2021 04:46 pm

The government which delivers deadly blows to people has delivered its latest blow yesternight. In an environment in which the entire general public is suffering untold miseries, the government has again shown its frenzied character by increasing fuel price, which is an action by no means a ruler with a minimum standard of humanity can take.

The government's claim is that this decision was taken by the Cabinet Sub-Committee on Cost of Living and, the decision taken to increase fuel prices and make people fully helpless during this period of disaster is brutal and uncivilized.

The government also increased fuel price last year even among unusual drop of fuel prices in World Market when the Minister Bandula Gunawardana justified it with claims that fuel prices in Sri Lanka are fluctuating in line with world market prices so that it will increase in Sri Lanka when world market prices are increasing and, decrease when world market prices drop.

However, the government that did not permit the general public to enjoy the advantage of price drops in world market in the past, is making them even today deprived of the advantage of purchasing a liter of fuel at a rate below Rs. 110 by its mafia operations.

  • The full economy will unavoidably be disarranged and confused with fuel price hike and it will result in immediate increase in public transportation charges and prices in all food products including bakery products. Particularly, price of Diesel utilized for public transportation which affects the average man has been increased in amounts unparalleled in history quite well revealing the anti-public practice of the government. Accordingly, prices of all essential commodities including essential food items will go up.
    In parallel, electricity and water bill will go up in near future.
  • Also, fishermen who are already suffering very much will get a deadly blow by this fuel price hike and the entire general public including farmers, estate workers and small-scale tradesmen will be at the receiving end of this grave tragedy.
    People are already living their lives suppressed by an unbearable cost of living and the latest decision on the part of the government will only make this confusion worse confounded.
  • Government provided tax concessions to the Croesuses on 01st December 2019 displaying its sympathy and affiliations with them thus making the country lose 30% of its state tax income. Government is now in a game of concealing that huge mistake of an unsuccessful tax policy by this fuel price hike making the general public at the receiving end of even that burden.
  • It, on one hand, is hilarious to expect people-friendly decisions from a government which invited dangers possible to destroy even the sea of this country after opening avenues for a huge sugar scam and coconut oil scam for the benefit of its cronies. there are numerous instances of anti-public decisions this government has taken although it is difficult to find a single people-friendly decision it has taken after coming into power.
    It is most contemptible to so witness the present conduct of the cluster who boasted to be the most people-friendly team till coming into power. The feeling of contempt and disapproval among the general public is on the verge of explosion.
    The government is so frenzied and enraged as to subject the general public experiencing at present the most tragic and helpless conditions in their life, to so much cruel oppression by sufficiently proving by now that it is the most relentless government which has ever come to power in this country.

Sajith Premadasa
Leader of the Opposition
Leader of Samagi Jana Balawegaya