Covid doesn’t bend to the will of businessmen like politicians do: GMOA (VIDEO)

Covid doesn’t bend to the will of businessmen like politicians do: GMOA (VIDEO)

4 May 2021 07:21 pm

The Covid control program would be a joke if politicians attempt to change Covid regulations while Director General of Health Services is in Office, emphasised the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA), speaking to a press briefing held today (04).

Union Executive Committee member Dr. Prasad Kolambage stated that the politicians and businessmen should be held accountable in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic, were they involved in changing these decisions.

Dr. Kolambage made this observation responding to reports that there was political interference in reversing the state of isolation imposed in Kesbewa.

A decision on whether an area should be isolated against the outbreak should be made by the MOH office on grassroot-level, and upon the DGHS being briefed about the situation, he should be the one to make the final decision as the authorised personnel, Dr. Kolambage noted. No one has the authority to change the DGHS's decision, he added.

In the event that about 2000 cases of Covid-19 together with about 10 fatalities are being reported on a daily basis, politicians infiltrating the decisions made by specialists would be a regrettable, the Union Executive Committee member further noted.

The decision to impose travel restrictions of such a nature in Kesbewa area was taken due to the large number of Covid cases discovered in 25 out of the 26 Grama Niladhari Divisions.