Sports Minister Namal Tells Parliament ’’I am Disappointed With Chaminda Vaas’’

Sports Minister Namal Tells Parliament ’’I am Disappointed With Chaminda Vaas’’

23 February 2021 06:58 pm

Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Namal Rajapaksa did not mince his words when he stated in parliament earlier today, that he was disappointed with Chaminda Vaas for having made a decision to withdraw at the last minute, barely hours before he was to fly out with the national Men's Cricket Team, as their appointed Fast Bowling Coach on its tour of the West Indies.

"What was so disappointing is that he waited till the last minute to let everyone down. We had a long term plan to recruit him as a Fast Bowling Coach. Whatever issues he had pertaining to finances he could have always discussed it on his return." the disappointed Minister said when an opposition MP Thushara Indunil had brought up this issue in Parliament today. 

Minister Namal Rajapaksa was perhaps right, because Sri Lanka Cricket had found themselves in an awkward situation especially after their contracted overseas Fast Bowling Coach David Sekar had resigned barely a week ago.  

Reaching out to an already contracted employee in Chaminda Vaas, who was drawing a hefty monthly wage was quite a normal thing to do, especially in requesting him to help out his employer during this crisis.

However no one expected Chaminda Vaas to behave in such a manner as with a resignation letter already in hand, he walked up to SLC and made his demands barely hours before he was to fly out with the team.

Chaminda Vaas then displayed a quality that no Sri Lankan cricket fan had ever been exposed to when he decided to put money before his employer, his national cricket team and especially a sport and cricket fans who have adored him over the years, when he announced his withdrawal from the tour and further also tendered his resignation when his demands for more money was not granted.

"Sri Lanka Cricket and its officials may have their issues, but I'm glad they did not bow down to any pressure that was exerted by Chaminda Vaas. For instance if they gave into his demands then what are they going to do if on tour another official makes a similar demand? What if players also quote Vaas and say that they are refusing to take the field as they have some demands too?" said Minister Namal Rajapaksa in conclusion. 

A few days ago the entire nation was delighted when the name of Chaminda Vaas was announced as the replacement Fast Bowling Coach for the tour of West Indies. 

However last evening Vaas demonstrated a hunger for something else that none of his fans were aware of all this time. 

His hunger this time was not for the wickets that his fans were so accustomed to seeing, especially whenever he ran in to bowl with the brand new cricket ball in hand. but rather for money and that too demonstrated in a manner that was totally out of his usual character.

Chamind Vaas since last evening has taken to his Facebook account to make two posts. 

One read " I made a humble request to SLC and they turned it down. That's all I can say at the moment. Justice will prevail! "

His second post, which borders more on the lines of self pity, is of a famous story written by an unknown storyteller that narrates the tale of how a father gave his son an old wristwatch and wanted him to get it valued. He ends it by stating “I wanted to let you know that the right place values you in the right way. Don't find yourself in the wrong place and get angry if you are not valued. Those that know your value are those who appreciate you, don't stay in a place where nobody sees your value."

Meanwhile Chaminda Vaas' world cup winning team mate Asanka Gurusinghe responding to his post commented " Absolutely correct. SLC did not understand your value. It was a sad day yesterday for cricket. There are people out there who value you and I am definitely one of them. Vassy, world is your oyster mate. Many opportunities out there and countries will come after you. Good luck."

Not to be outdone by her husband Mrs. Kushlani Gurusinghe also jumped on the bandwagon posting her comment which went on to ridicule SLC calling it a "Cesspool". 

For a brief moment Mrs. Gurusinghe may have had a brain fade, as it was that very same "Cesspool" that she referred to, that put food on her table when her husband was not too long ago employed by SLC and was paid a walloping sum which did not justify his skill sets as a batting coach.

Her comment read " Move on to better things Vaasi! People with integrity cannot work in that cesspool. Have had first hand experience. More power to u for standing up for yourself."

There was also a post on social media earlier today that read " Gratitude, Honesty and Loyalty are rare valuable qualities of a human. Do not accept them from ordinary people".

Chaminda Vaas in all honesty must make note especially of such quotes as above, as an entire nation did not expect him to let everyone down in this manner and at the last minute before an overseas departure.