Chaminda Vaas Throws Tantrum & Withdraws From Windies Tour Over Per Diem Allowance

Chaminda Vaas Throws Tantrum & Withdraws From Windies Tour Over Per Diem Allowance

22 February 2021 09:38 pm

Sri Lanka's fast bowling legend Chaminda Vaas who was appointed to accompany the Sri Lanka Cricket Team for the month long tour to West Indies as the national team's fast bowling coach, has informed SLC officials that he is withdrawing from the tour barely hours before the team is set to fly out tonight.

Chaminda Vaas' withdrawal despite Sri Lanka Cricket meeting almost all his demands for the tour comes as a mystery.  

Vaas who currently draws a hefty income being employed at SLC as a Consultant Fast Bowling Coach at the High Performance Center and who works closely with the Emerging Teams at the Khettarama Stadium, was also offered a further Rs 750,000 to match an additional per diem Vaas had demanded for the 42 day tour.

Whilst everyone on tour is scheduled to get a per diem of US $ 75 which works out to approximately US $ 3150, Chaminda Vaas had demanded US $ 200 per diem per day for himself. That would have been approximately US $ 8400.

A SLC senior official speaking to LNW said "As it was unfair to single out one person on tour and give him a higher per diem than the others, it was decided to pay him the usual allowance per day as the others and an additional Rs 750,000 to compensate his demands. This is besides also paying him his full salary for the month that he would not be working at the Khettarama Stadium."

Vass who was disappointed that his demand was not fully met, then informed the Sri Lanka Cricket Board officials that he would not be going on the tour to the West Indies tomorrow (23rd Feb 2021) and further tendered his resignation from his current post as fast bowling coach at the High Performance Center at Khettarama.

However, some quarters believe that the real reason for Chaminda Vaas to pull out of the tour at the last minute is because spouses of both players and officials are not permitted to accompany their husbands on tour.

All attempts to contact Chaminda Vaas for a statement in this regard proved futile at the time of publishing this report.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka Cricket released a notice to the press highlighting the issue behind Chaminda Vaas' withdrawal from the tour and subsequent resignation from his post with Sri Lanka Cricket.