’Maga Neguma’ projects active again

’Maga Neguma’ projects active again

24 January 2021 02:48 pm

Maga Neguma, which was shut down by the Yahapalanaya government, has started developing highways worth over Rs. 40 billion for the first time in its history. The previous highest number of contracts was 6 billion.

The Chairman of the Road Development Authority (RDA) recently stated that for the first time since the appointment of the current Government, the Road Development Authority (RDA) has commenced road development activities worth over Rs. 40 billion according to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's Vision of Prosperity.

He further said that the Maga Neguma Company, which had been closed down, had been transformed into an institution that could work with proper management on the instructions of Minister Johnston Fernando.

According to the Chairman, the highest number of road development contracts awarded to the company in its history has been awarded since the appointment of the present government and work on more than 500 roads has commenced.

After the formation of the company, the maximum amount of contracts awarded before the appointment of this government was only Rs. 6 billion, the Chairman revealed.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Highways Johnston Fernando said that the present government is considering awarding contracts and whether the contracts will be completed and handed over on time. The Chairman was instructed to inform him immediately of any problems that may arise and to contribute to the development work expeditiously using even more modern technology in the future.