Democracy - A Mere Slogan For Vote Base?

Democracy - A Mere Slogan For Vote Base?

7 January 2021 04:30 pm

Escalations arose in the United States as thousands of pro-Trump protestors breached Capitol Hill, Washington DC swarming into the building making it into a madhouse before the public eye. 

Foreign reports confirmed the death of four persons during the clash. 

Never before in history has a democratically elected president of the United States acted in such a manner escalating violence among the citizens. But Trump, a Twitter queen gone wild, engrossed in his own insanity watching all the destruction, as thousands of his supporters raided the House, defecating on the Temple of Democracy. 

But the real question would be, where are we in this situation?

Sri Lankan political consciousness seems to have no understanding of this devastating conflict in the United States. The United States holds the foremost position among the capitalist regimes of the World, but is considered the pinnacle of world democracy. 

Why don't our own intellectuals of politics find a thorough reading behind this most heinous act against democracy in the World's history? 

For the Sri Lankan Government led by the so called nationalistic SLPPers, democracy might have been but a word in its foolish devotion to Chinacracy. But the Opposition, the so called Warriors of Parliament, seems to have found no interest over the terror at Capitol Hill at all. 

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB), Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) collabed as National People's Power (NPP), United National Party (UNP) and other Opposition forces on and off Parliament speak so fond of Justice and Human Rights and serve Democracy in plate for the main course. It has always been the Opposition's role in Sri Lanka to raise voice against various forces who were working to create communal tensions, ethnic disunity and human rights violations for political gain. Why does the Opposition fail to realise this one time that the horrific events in the United States occurred not more than 24 hours ago could be taking the form of a catastrophic chain reaction and be felt by small states like Sri Lanka?

Where are our so called Political Gurus?

Democracy is not a private property to be owned by a state, but is globally intertwined. Why is it that not a single representative of the Opposition in Sri Lanka has outspoken against the catastrophic event at Capitol Hill?

Neither Green, nor Red was to denounce this most outrageous violation of Democracy, but they stare at television screens as if they are a group of extraterrestrials arrived on Planet Earth!

The Opposition, the voices in Parliament, are they standing out for Democracy at all? Do they represent a Democratic Opposition, or Opponents to Democracy?