Eco-crisis on the rise amid irregularly disposed facemasks

Eco-crisis on the rise amid irregularly disposed facemasks

31 December 2020 02:07 pm

Devastated by the pandemic, the public worldwide is forced to wear a facemask as a mandatory option amid the day-to-day activities, in addition to social distancing. But for Sri Lanka, wearing one at some point may be a getaway factor from Police and the health authorities. 

While the complete eradication of the Covid-19 crisis remains yet inconclusive, an unseen crisis is on the rise, as environmentalists warned that irregularly disposed facemasks have already begun the threaten the eco systems, particularly targeting water fountains.

The irregular disposal of facemasks could also escalate the spread of the contagion, the Marine Environment Protection Authority warned.

Around 50,000 irregularly disposed facemasks are added to the sea through water fountains on a daily basis, according to statistics disclosed by the Marine Environment Protection Authority.

In the contagion's spreading across the globe, facemasks will continuously be used by the human population for an unpredictable period, whereas the eco-threat could also be escalated in a rapid flow, environmentalists further warned. 

Sri Lanka already marks its top notch at the eco pollution crisis by entering to the list of countries contributing to oceanic pollution, ready to awaken disgrace before the eye of the international community.