Rohini Kavirathne strongly opposes the government’s ’menstrual tax’!

Rohini Kavirathne strongly opposes the government’s ’menstrual tax’!

24 November 2020 02:46 pm

There is strong opposition to the 15% tax on sanitary napkins proposed in this budget.

Matale District Parliamentarian Rohini Kavirathne says, that this government is trying to impose a menstrual tax and earn through the menstruation of women.

She also said that in 1848 Governor Torrington of England imposed 7 taxes including taxes on dogs and labour, and like that, this government will go down in history for imposing a menstrual tax.

She further stated that in an environment where developed countries of the world provide free sanitary napkins to school children and poor children, this government is cutting taxes of the rich and levying taxes on the essential commodities of the people.

She also said that the people got a great relief by removing 40% of the tax on sanitary napkins during the last Yahapalanaya government.

"Now the government has increased the sanitary napkin tax by 15%. This government is becoming rather a devilish government that does not care about the people. "

"Women are not the only ones who are affected by the government's new 'Menstrual Tax'. There are several women in every family, including mothers and daughters. Sanitary napkins are included in the list of essential items every month. There are many children in this country who do not go to school as they have no access to sanitary napkins because of poverty."

"We urge the government to repeal the new tax on sanitary napkins," the statement said.