Sri Lanka and the next US Secretary of State

Sri Lanka and the next US Secretary of State

24 November 2020 01:32 pm

Joe Biden has decided to appoint Anthony Blinken - who is an experienced government official and a foreign affairs veteran - as the next Secretary of State of the USA. He has served as the Deputy Secretary of State for the United States as well as Director of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Appointing Anthony Blinken to the position of Secretary of State - which is considered as a key position in the US foreign policy and foreign relations, could be crucial for Sri Lanka.

He has held a number of main posts in the administrations of Clinton, Bush, and Obama and is a top-level expert in foreign relations. When compared to Mark Pompeo, he is a number of miles ahead in the terms of foreign policy.

Blinken is the son of Jewish parents. He had done his studies in France for some time, and he has worked closely with Europe in his administration and had prioritized Europe in American international relations. His European relations are so strong that he has always been associated with Europe. His father has also served as an ambassador, and Blinken has been acquainted with American foreign policy since childhood.

Above all that, he is close to Samantha Power, who has played an important role in Sri Lanka recently. During the time that Joe Biden served as the vice president, Blinken was his national security adviser. He has played a vital role in the operation to assassinate Osama bin Laden, the invasion of Libya, the Syrian war, the war against ISIS, and has previously played a key role in the US invasion of Iraq.

Since he has more experience with Sri Lanka throughout this long public service period, Sri Lanka must make a special effort to maintain the new administration of the United States in a manner which is favorable to us. Considering the issues faced by Sri Lanka, especially during Obama's administration, steps must be taken to prevent such situations from recurring.