20 of the 242 garbage containers returned!

20 of the 242 garbage containers returned!

29 October 2020 04:35 pm

Sri Lanka Customs says that out of the 242 containers of garbage imported during the last government period, 20 containers will be sent to the United Kingdom tomorrow (30).

Following an order issued by the Court of Appeal about two weeks ago, arrangements have been made to send the containers back to the country where they were sent.

It is said that another 65 containers are to be sent on the 4th.

The number of containers sent to Sri Lanka during the year 2017-2018 is 242 and 116 of them are currently kept at the port yard.
Out of the total number of containers sent, 126 containers have been cleared by customs and are reportedly being kept in the investment zone premises belonging to the liberated company.

Many used items including used mattresses were sent to Sri Lanka in these containers and after their arrival in Sri Lanka, a number of organizations staged a series of protests against it.