Dilantha Malagamuwa finishes Race of three contestants last, proclaims himself a winner, again!

Dilantha Malagamuwa finishes Race of three contestants last, proclaims himself a winner, again!

26 October 2020 12:23 pm

On October 14, we disclosed how Dilantha Malagamuwa, who proclaims himself as a superstar in the field of motor racing before the island nation, is fooling the entire country. 

In a Facebook remark published yesterday (25), Malagamuwa said he won the third place in the world in a motor racing tournament, adding that his victory was achieved in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Malagamuwa also added his special thanks to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa and Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga in what he described as an 'achievement'. 

Malagamuwa's self-acclaim of 'winning the third place' does not mention, as he carefully chooses not to, anything about the event in which competed, the number of contestants who competed in the race, or the nubmer of contestants appeared in the whole tournament.  

Apparently, Malagamuwa is continuing to play the game his way, dragging in the attention of public before a non-existent motor racing hero.

The tournament was held in Spa track in Belgium, and a total 19 racers competed the event. One contestant did not join race. The races were held under Pro-Cup, Pro-AM cup, AM cup, Lc Cup categories.

Pro-Cup - 09 contestants
Pro-AM - 03 contestants
AM cup - 03 contestants
Lc Cup - 03 contestants 

Malagamuwa competed the category 'AM Cup' of three contestants, in which he finished the race last (third) in each rounds, conclusively not winning any race at all!

Given observation to the performance of all racers in the qualifying competitions of the tournament, Malagamuwa, who ranked 15th in the initial round, ranks 19th in the second round. 

Conclusively, Dilantha Malagamuwa, whose self-acclaim of winning the third place in the world is believed by many Sri Lankans, is at 15th and 19th place in the whole tournament.

Malagamuwa nevertheless continues to fool the public in his falsehood of making the motherland proud, catering to his familiar gambling despised only by the observant Sri Lankans.


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