Zahran’s wide Hadiya remanded till Nov 04th

Zahran’s wide Hadiya remanded till Nov 04th

22 October 2020 11:00 pm

Six suspects, including Abdul Kadhar Fatima Hadiya, wife of Zahran Hashim, who was under CID's custody under detention orders for 18 months, have been remanded till November 04, as ordered by Fort Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage today (22).

Other suspects who accompany Hadiya are Azrudeen Mohamed Ilmi, Abdul Hameed Mohamed Rifaz, Mohammadu Mashnuk Mohahommadu Rila, Mohommadu Amir Em Ayatulla and Mohamed Mabarak Mohomed Rifayil.

The Fort Magistrate ordered the remand after the suspects were produced before Court completing the detention order.

The Fort Magistrate also ordered Hadiya be produced before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to probe the Easter Sunday Genocide tomorrow (23), and as to whether she will be subject to questioning will be decided at 10 am tomorrow.