Sri Lanka’s submission to world powers stemmed from rulers’ foreign policy

Sri Lanka’s submission to world powers stemmed from rulers’ foreign policy

18 October 2020 11:38 pm

Sri Lanka's submission before economic powers of the region is a result of the government's foreign policy, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) alleged.

Calling in a press conference this Sunday (18) Party Secretary Tilvin Silva said the foreign policy and the neo liberal and capitalist political policy adapted by the governments of Sri Lanka have brought Sri Lanka down before world powers like the United States, India, Japan and China.

"The United States, India, Japan and Australia are currently working together against China in the Indo-Pacific region. These countries are uniting on the basis that anyone can trade freely against the imposition of Chinese trade and political domination in the region. These countries met in Tokyo, Japan from the 6th to the 8th of this month. It was during this time China suddenly visited Sri Lanka. Among them were delegates who had never set foot in Sri Lanka before, as if they 'own' Sri Lanka," Silva emphasised.

Under this backdrop, the government is compelled to welcome them without any political strategy or understanding, he added.

The JVP Secretary went on saying that these world powers are interfering in the island - one after another - as they have taken Sri Lanka as their playground in the objective of shattering its independence and sovereignty. World powers are coming to Sri Lanka as if they own the land, whilst exerting pressure on the island nation's sovereignty, Silva alleged. 

"Chinese investments in Sri Lanka in particular are mostly in the South. This Consul was appointed as the Hambantota Port has major investments. In the meantime, the Indian Ambassador to Sri Lanka suddenly met the Prime Minister and held discussions. The government said that these discussions centred on development projects which are being implemented by India in our country. Then, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to pay a visit to Sri Lanka on October 27, on his way to India" he reminded.

JVP Secretary Silva also noted that they never suggest that Sri Lanka shall not be holding affairs with other countries of the world, adding that these affairs should be kept in a manner in which sovereignty and independence remain intact. In the wake of the debt crisis Sri Lanka is pushed to suffer, more resources are being sold, or more debt is being obtained, he pointed out.

"The debt-ridden economy pursued by previous regimes, as well as this one, has made Sri Lanka a pawn before these countries. In fact, lenders are coming to our country. When they arrive, we, the debtor, obviously have to bend ourselves before them. Lenders arrive one after another. Although people who voted for Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa do not understand, our country is trapped in a debt amounting to over Rs. 13 trillion. In the backdrop, credit rating companies like Moody's have downgraded Sri Lanka into a category implying that we are at the lowest capacity to settle debts. Are we to be downgraded by one more unit, no country ever will lend us."