LNW Business to be Launched soon

LNW Business to be Launched soon

22 September 2020 12:37 am

LNW will soon launch a website dedicated to business and economy.  The website will have its very own TV Channel, where you can watch shows such as “hard Talk” and “The Rich Sri Lankans,” among others. Also, the web site will be full of tips, advice and interesting or inspirational trivia. Phase two there will be a dedicated section to get entrepreneurial or leadership advice from experts.

The LNW Business website is also be looking to provide access to additional resources such as special talks and news analyses. It will be a website for those working in the finance and banking industry. Most of the news and articles though very finance-focused, and they express complex technical jargon will be presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

The website will critical analyses the decisions taken by top government officials and private sector leaders.will focus on their past track records, how they go there, the impact they are making on the country and and their companies. Investigative Journalism will be given top priority by the Website. The website will profile top and controversial leaders both in the public and private sectors.

Given that LNW has over half a million hits a day globally currently, the vision is to make it one of the best websites to keep updated with the latest news and the current local worldwide trends, especially by using the network of writers. the website will be managed by a leading business personality.

P.B. Jayasundara


Dhammika Perera


Ajith Nivard Cabraal