Clash of SLPP theorists draws media mayhem!

Clash of SLPP theorists draws media mayhem!

27 August 2020 07:43 am

Social media has taken its ride through an opinion storm, as certain theorists backing Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) the Ruling Party have clashed each other on the topic of dual citizenship.

Dr. Nalin De Silva, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Myanmar and a powerful SLPP theorist, had earlier opined that the clauses in the 19th Amendment to Constitution setting barriers to politicians with dual citizenships from entering Parliament shall not be removed upon a possible constitutional reform.

In response, Dr. Mahinda Pathirana, another SLPP theorist and the President of the Sri Lanka Press Council, has fired back in a harshful remark in his Facebook, saying that all those who opposed the land were 'complete' Sri Lankans and the country was always saved by those with dual citizenship. 

Below is the Facebook remark left by Pathirana in response to Silva's ideology on dual citizenship