National transport policy on the cards

National transport policy on the cards

11 August 2020 03:25 pm

Sri Lanka national transport policy has been drafted and it will be presented to the new cabinet of minister’s approval according to high priority, an official source said.

Foreign and local investments will be entertained by the government mainly in areas of bus fleet development, modernization of the railway network and infrastructure development activities.

Measures will also be taken towards increasing energy efficiency, and the better use of ICT technology in transport operations.

Road transport is the main transport mode in the country catering to around 93 percent of passenger transport demands as well as 97 percent of the demand for transportation of goods.
The sector also accounts for 10 percent of the country’s GDP and around six percent of employment.

The government has spent Rs. 16.32 billion in the transport sector during the first four months this year to generate an effective and easily accessible public transport system for the commuters.

A sum of Rs.11 billion was spent for the continuation of construction projects including Matara – Beliatta – Kataragama new rail line, Colombo suburban railway project, rehabilitation of railway track and installation of signalling from Maho to Omantei, major and minor repairing of rolling stocks and procurement of rolling stocks to strengthen the railway fleet.

Another sum of Rs. 4.54 billion was spent for school and higher education season tickets, bus operating on unremunerated routes and contribution of socially obligatory bus service by the Sri Lanka Central Transport Board (SLCTB).

During the first months of 2020, Rs. 416 million was spent by the Department of Motor Traffic for the registration of number plates for vehicles and printing of driving license.