Internal objection over Vajira Abeywardena - Called ’Germ’ within UNP!

Internal objection over Vajira Abeywardena - Called ’Germ’ within UNP!

10 August 2020 11:08 am

Strong objections over former MP Vajira Abeywardena are on the rise within the United National Party (UNP) alleging that he is a 'germ' that destroys the party, sources said. 

For months, Abeywardena was being coursed through numerous allegations, in which he was accused for leaking internal party information and being an unnecessary interlocutor during important discussions within the party, in a move to stand out above others.

The objections were intensified, as Abeywardena commented during a press conference soon after the dramatic defeat in the 2020 Polls that the United National Party needs no reorganisation. 

Meanwhile, objections were fueled by other leaders of the party, as the former MP had acted on passing a resolution during a district authority meeting in Galle suggesting that he should be given the sole national list seat secured through the Polls as well as the deputy leadership of the UNP, sources further disclosed. 

Front leaders of the UNP continued to accuse Abeywardena for misleading Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe by submitting himself to the Rajapaksas, as the number one contractor who fulfills a SLPP agenda, according to sources.