Global COVID-19 cases pass 20 million

Global COVID-19 cases pass 20 million

10 August 2020 10:48 am

The number of COVID-19 cases reported globally have passed 20 million (20,025,784), as of this (10) morning, official records showed. 

The death toll marks 734,012, whilst 6,391,455 are under medical treatment. Among them are 64,661 who are incritical condition, acccording to reports.

The highest record of positive cases and fatalities are reported in the United States, indicating 5.2 million infections with a death toll of about 165,617. 

Only yesterday, Brazil ranked as the second country to report a death toll of above one hundred thousand, marking about 101,136 fatalities.

India reports 2.2 positive cases with about 44,466 fatalities amidst the contagion.

Records indicate that the virus is being spread across these states rapidly, whilst the death tolls are being increased by hundreds on a daily basis.