Dread spread with huge explosion at Lebanese Capital

Dread spread with huge explosion at Lebanese Capital

5 August 2020 04:06 am

At least 73 people were killed in a massive explosion occurred in Beirut, the Lebanese Capital on Tuesday (04) evening, but the figures are yet being updated. 

A major blaze spread across near Beirut Port and the blast appears to have been centred on the city's port area, according to the country's national broadcaster.

Firefighting teams rushed into the scene battling to contain the fire. 

At least one Australian was killed in the explosion, CNN citing Australian agencies said. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said her government is devastated by the incident, while praying for the lives that were lost from the explosion.

Meanwhile, foreign reports also claim that the blast triggered a seismic activity in Beirut marking an earthquake at a magnitude of 3.3, citing US geological survey. 

The death toll is still being updated, while reportedly 2,750 people have been injured from the incident.